Several common string validation in JAVASCRP

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<!--writed by ZHONG@IECN 2004.3.26-->

<script language= "JavaScript" >

var reip =/^ ([01]?d{1,2}|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]) (. [01]?d{1,2}|2[0-4]d|25[0-5])) {3}$/; IP

var reeml =/^[w-.] +@[a-z0-9]+ (-[a-z0-9]+)? (. [A-z0-9]+ (-[a-z0-9]+)?) *. [A-z] {2,4}$/i; E-Mail

var Retel =/^ ((d{2,3}-)? d{2,5}-)? [2-9]d{6,7} (-d{2,5})? $/; Telephone number

var rembl =/^13[0135-9]d{8}$/; Mobile phone number

var rehttp =/^http://[a-z0-9]+ (-[a-z0-9]+)? (. [A-z0-9]+ (-[a-z0-9]+)?) *. [A-z] {2,4} (/?| /.+) $/i; HTTP address

var renum =/^-?d+ (. d+)? $/; Numerical

var reidc =/^d{15} (d{2}[a-z0-9])? $/; ID card




<td align= "right" >IP:</td>

<td><input id= "Ipinput"/><input type= "button" value= "Check" onclick= "alert (reip.test) ); "/> (eg: </td>



<td align= "right" >E-Mail:</td>

<td><input id= "emailinput" ><input type= "button" value= "Check" onclick= "Alert Reeml.test ( Emailinput.value)); " > (such</a></td>



<td align= "right" > Telephone:</td>

<td><input id= "telinput"/><input type= "button" value= "Check" onclick= "Alert Retel.test ( Telinput.value)); "/> (for example: 86-10-12345678-123) </td>



<td align= "right" > Mobile phone number:</td>

<td><input id= "mblinput"/><input type= button "value=" Check "onclick=" alert ( Mblinput.value)); "/> (for example: 13012345678) </td>



<td align= "right" >http address:</td>

<td><input id= "httpinput"/><input type= "button" value= "Check" onclick= "Alert Rehttp.test ( Httpinput.value)); "/> (for example: </td>



<td align= "right" > Value:</td>

<td><input id= "numinput"/><input type= "button" value= "Check" onclick= "Alert Renum.test ( Numinput.value)); "/> (for example: 123, 123.4, -0.123) </td>



<td align= "right" > ID card:</td>

<td><input id= "idcinput"/><input type= button "value=" Check "onclick=" alert ( Idcinput.value)); "/> (for example: 123456197601018888) </td>




Description: <br/>

1. The IP address has been rigorously validated; <br/>

2. e-mail Address "@" in front of the part is not very sure, if you want to not "manslaughter", "[W.]" + "Change to [^@]+"; <br/>

3. Telephone number to do the basic strict verification, the international area code, the domestic area code, extension number can have or not, the number of digits as long as 7 or 8 can be without consideration of the specific situation; <br/>

4. Mobile phone number of the current situation to achieve a basic rigorous verification; <br/>

5. The HTTP address type can be changed according to the situation, such as "[Http|ftp]", the domain name part has been as strict as possible validation, the path part did not do any validation. <br/>

6. The numerical value achieves the basic rigorous verification; <br/>

7. The ID card only judges the number of digits (15-bit or 18-bit, 18-bit mantissa allows letters).

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