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After graduating from a bachelor's degree, I stayed at school to teach and asked about the course. After obtaining my master's degree, I resigned and went to Hong Kong to study for a doctorate. Afterwards, I was lucky to be taken in by the group and moved away from the field of education and scientific research, and started from the grass-roots level in the business world. Although the time is not long, I have gained a lot and proved some of my views. I personally think that everything is just getting started, but it will seize the opportunity and accelerate gradually. Here we will share some of our insights. It may be a green idea, but it is also the fruit of growth.

I plan to talk about it in three aspects: the insights in education and scientific research, the insights in enterprise work, and the insights in getting along with colleagues.

I. insights from previous educational and scientific research work and learning

Doesn't it mean the sentiment in the Enterprise? Why do we need to talk about it before? They have similarities.

I have always agreed with what Li Qingyuan, a predecessor, once said in youmi:"The best thing about studying, doing business, and governing the country is to do something about it. If you study hard, you will cultivate a clear logic mind. If you do business in the world, you will know how money is made, how the market runs, and how the common people eat. If you govern the country, you have no clear idea about what country you are going to govern, how you make money, and how you make policies. I personally think that an ideal mechanism should be cyclical, and a comprehensive talent should be both of them ."My ten years of education and research (2001-2011, except for my undergraduate course) career is the study in this section. Now I have switched from study to business. These two points can be done well, and I will not be able to live for the rest of my life (I can do my research for the rest of my life, but I am not that expected ). As for governing the country, it's too far away from me.

What I want to say is that although education and scientific research are far from the real business world, and the distance is not small, the way of thinking must be well grasped. In teaching and educating people, I have been able to recognize all kinds of people and cultivate my ability to express myself and respond quickly. In the master's and doctoral stages, especially doctoral students (pH. d) Training, systematically cultivating my analytical and writing skills. These capabilities are interconnected, not limited to the majors they have learned, but applicable to various fields.

If you want to sum up a few points of understanding, I have modified some of them by referring to [1] [2] In the article "what I learned in my doctoral program", as shown below:

  • Comprehensive sorting
    The ability to comprehensively organize academic documents is indispensable. Literature discussion is a comprehensive arrangement of previous documents. The capabilities here even include traveling meetings/organizing meetings. First, you need to learn about transportation information, hotel information, restaurant information, weather, personnel distribution, and front-end connections, and sort out the information comprehensively, no less than what a travel agency needs to do when planning a trip. Comprehensive sorting requires not only ability, but also related software and notes, so that you can record and organize yourself into a system. This is what I have developed before I start my business. It is no exaggeration to say that many people have never practiced well in their lifetime.
  • Critical Thinking
    This is also one of the capabilities most needed by McKinsey, BCG, and other management consulting companies. It takes time to train critical thinking. After reading a lot in the same field, we will establish our own core ideas, and then we will be able to criticize and think about literature. Critical thinking is not only required in academics, but is actually the first step of critical thinking in the initial screening of materials in the large amount of information we absorb every day. To put it bluntly, cultivate comprehensive sorting and critical thinking, not only to build your own academic view, but also to build your own outlook on life and world view.
  • Interpersonal Relationship
    It is important to properly handle interpersonal relationships, make good use of the contacts of teachers, colleagues, and students, and establish your own contacts, whether or not you want to continue to develop in the academic circle in the future. I had a good relationship with my students before. Even if I had no contact for a long time, I would be able to recreate my friendship quickly. This is not an overnight task. You must always stick to it at any time. Let's talk about this after the opportunity is ripe.
  • Speech skills
    Some scholars have done a great job in research, but teaching is not flattering, and the speech is not particularly interesting. Do not set an example for your study. It is not enough to persuade everyone to give you the job in a dry way, And the boring lectures are not enough to interest the students in learning the knowledge. For Steve Jobs or Ted's speech, I think most people should know, and pay attention to seeing what others say is a good story. The ability to make slides in speeches cannot be underestimated. I have complained about the boring PPT at work, but he is still far away from "doing" the PPT. Let alone PPT is just a demonstration method. By the way, at work, you will find too many people who say that they are familiar with the office software, but they are not the people who actually use it (for example, many people will not perform this operation to automatically generate a directory by word ). Never underestimate the editing and processing capabilities of documents!
  • Writing Ability
    Different people can write different articles based on the same innovation points and experimental results. Some of them are indexed by top conferences/journals, but others are not interested. This is entirely possible. Why? In fact, like a speech, it is also the ability to tell stories, but it is only shown on paper. The doctoral thesis writing training makes you feel that the solution reports, project application reports, and new project proposals in the enterprise are all the same (the promotion documents are slightly different), and the structure is basically unchanged. The written documents are not only clear in structure, clear in logic, but also easy to read. Most of the solutions of many companies are terrible.
  • Cooperation capability
    It is difficult to make a good research if you study independently and have no friends. In fact, during interviews in the business world, the interviewer will also ask you about your cooperation experience with others, how they cooperate, what they are responsible for, and how they are coordinated. In fact, when I was a teacher, I managed dozens or even hundreds of students. This is also a good opportunity to train my own leadership skills. However, I am not doing well in this aspect.
  • Emotion Management
    In academic and daily life, you may encounter many unexpected or controllable things. How to manage your emotions becomes a learning. This is true if I drop out of school because I have read mental disorder.
  • Time management
    Doctoral thesis and project scientific research both take time to develop. This is definitely not just like some people come out after several days and nights, just like some of them during the (partial) undergraduate/master's period of study. It may not be the fastest way to the end. You can complete your journey only by sticking to it. It is not worthwhile to sacrifice health for this journey. Many people know this, but they cannot.
  • Independent learning and research capabilities
    After class, you can only immerse yourself in the joy/pain of "Learning previous knowledge, however, scientific research requires you to immerse yourself in the joy/pain of "exploring the unknown fields of your predecessors". These two feelings are totally different. Do not think that you can easily obtain a doctorate degree if you have a good test score. There are many high-tech students who drop out of school or are repatriated. Of course, there may be some personal reasons.
  • Cultivate your own interests
    It is impossible for a person to study and work all day without any other hobbies. If you have no hobbies, you must find a way to relax yourself. Find an interest that you love and will not be too addicted to, so that you can adjust your research life more easily. For example, I am writing, traveling, and photography.
  • Recognize yourself
    This is quite easy. However, it is not easy to really understand your strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, and abilities. Only by knowing yourself can you clearly know your strengths and make full use of them. In the future, whether you are engaged in teaching or other jobs, you can find your own pace and give full play to your strengths. I read a lot of books irrelevant to scientific research and wrote many articles irrelevant to scientific research. They helped me overcome the pain of scientific research, but extended my graduation time, there were gains and losses. But the most important thing is that I know myself.

We can feel that most of these capabilities are soft, that is, they cannot be scored using a single exam. There is an article that says, "Why is the value of software engineers always greatly underestimated?" In fact, what is lacking is exactly the above soft capabilities.

After talking about the "previous jobs" above, we will naturally talk about the "current jobs" below ". Here we willOpen a branch topic, that is, career planning.

I accidentally read a good article titled "program algorithms and life choices ", it is much better than "Reflection of a college graduate" and "articles on the best career planning I have ever seen" (these two articles are also good, but lack of new ideas, reading an article that moles me or is sleepy is not a good one in my eyes ). I would like to share with you here. Link:

His main conclusion is: people who understand algorithms should know how to make life choices. The algorithm is trade-off, and any choice means giving up-when you want to get something, you always need to give up something. Life is a seesaw, one on the other, and the other on the other. Each person has an algorithm, and each algorithm has a purpose of each algorithm. Even if everyone is using the same algorithm, the variables, switches, and conditions in each algorithm are different, different results are obtained. We are a program that lives in the matrix. The algorithms of each of us determine the choice of each of us. Our Choice determines our life.

Here is a summary. Read the full text from the above link. Skip it if you cannot understand it.

  • Sorting Algorithm: This algorithm tells us that the less distractions a person has, the easier it is to make choices. The clearer the selection criteria, the easier it is for us to make choices. Because the core idea of sorting algorithms is to help you identify what you need most, what you want most, and then make choices based on this.
  • Greedy Algorithm: Greedy algorithms are basically quick and profitable algorithms, but they do not mean they are not good. What if greedy algorithms are long-term and continuous?
  • Dynamic Planning: Greedy algorithms are short-sighted and will only make judgments based on the current form, that is, making decisions too early, so they cannot reach the optimal solution. The biggest difference between dynamic planning and greedy algorithms is that greedy algorithms make choices and cannot be rolled back. Dynamic Planning saves the previous calculation results and selects the current results based on the previous results. The rollback function is available. The dynamic planning algorithm tells us at least two things: 1) It is very important to keep up with the past and the future. 2) It is also important to determine whether a rollback can be performed.
  • Dijkstra shortest path: Being steadfast does not mean to pursue your goals in a down-to-earth manner, but to do what you can see with your side. This is just like this algorithm. The algorithm is not efficient and may achieve your goal. You spent a long time at the beginning, traversing many places. However, this may be your shortest path.

2. insights in Enterprise Work

Why jump from academia to industry? I seem to have explained it many times. Read this article as follows:
From academia to industry (a job from university tenure professor to Google AI expert)
English: On leaving academia, /~ Terran/academic_blog /? P = 113
The resignation of a university professor,

I started with pre-sales of biased technologies, but I still had to program constantly every day. I felt very boring. Later, it was coincidental to turning to the marketing department as a senior market specialist. Some of them were pre-sales, not so biased in technology. In this way, I have the pressure and motivation to learn my favorite cloud computing knowledge. I like this change. In addition to the first part of the sentiment above, I also found some phenomena in my work with my superiors and colleagues, which can be divided into the following points (not in order ):

  • Ability to define problems
    There are always some problems at work, and there are always some confusions in life. These problems and confusions seem to have no idea how to start. In fact, you are likely to ignore one point: the problem itself. That is to say, many people cannot answer the question or the answer is wrong. Most of the time, you just need to ask yourself what it is and why. After a few more questions, the essence of the questions will emerge.
    As mentioned in the "century Turing memorial" article: "When many difficult problems cannot be solved, it is precisely because the problems are not clearly defined, and clever definitions often create different paths to help people find the key to solving the problems. If a good definition is the key to solving the problem, the great definition often opens up new fields. Such examples are everywhere in the history of computer science. In addition to Professor warent's definition of what learning creates the field of machine learning, Turing uses a Turing Machine to define what computing is and creates the entire field of computing science) through an uncertain probability, we define what information is and create information theory. ronrivest and others define what security is based on the probability-based instinguishability, it has created a security field in the computer age." If you are more interested, read machine learning. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the word "question.
  • Discover and solve problems
    The company never lacks people who discover problems, but is extremely lacking in people who can discover and solve problems well. Why can Tang Jun become famous at Microsoft? This has nothing to do with his pheasant degree. In fact, David weiden said, "Most people wander around in the dark and bitchabout it being dark, instead of learning where the light switchesare. "(most people wander in the dark, and they only know complaints, but never find a way to switch the lights .) As long as you can discover and try your best to solve the problem, your promotion and salary increase are just around the corner. Although this is not the final goal, it is a by-product of your success. Why not? In this process, we should note that it is also an important skill in management to use the results of stages to promote the conversion of Factors Affecting Work to positive aspects. (Xie Zhe, vice president of Digital Information Service Group and president of digital Engineering Institute of Shenzhou)
  • Take the initiative to find something to do
    Initiative is very important, but many people have a narrow understanding and feel that taking the initiative to take the task within the team is to take the initiative. That's right, but you can do better with what you can. If you need help from other teams, you can find and ask for help; share information about products on the market; Propose and complete promotional opportunities; and have nothing to do with your business, you think you can help the company to apply to volunteer ...... I have written an article "be a person with something in your eyes", and I will not repeat it here.
    It is my writing habits and the habit of actively looking for things and doing so that I have become a cloud computing expert of csdn, so that my colleagues can recognize my writing skills and give me the opportunity to turn to the Marketing Department, the business department also realized that I could help the company to get the opportunity to participate in the exhibition for free, to help the company get the largest amount of public cloud orders, and to receive two awards from the company, gain more colleagues' understanding, have the opportunity to participate in product management, and expand more business and cooperation channels ...... This is not self-advertised, but an appearance.
    If you don't take the initiative to find a job and do what you find well, no matter how well you do your job, I don't think it is a reason to be promoted. You can only raise your salary at most. I have found from many high-level actions that they can take the initiative to find things, discover problems, solve problems, and discover problems that he cannot discover for the CEO ...... These are all worth learning.
    Initiative. In many cases, I think it is necessary to maintain passion. Here, you can ask yourself, are you still passionate about your work?
  • Product management capability
    I am not impressed with this, but I find that I am interested. I am certain to exercise my abilities in all aspects. The key exercise is what I want to improve. In fact, in foreign countries, product managers are the preferred Group of CEOS. For example, Microsoft's Ballmer is the product manager of P & G. If the product manager wants to develop with the positioning of professional managers, the product manager must be the CEO of the company, and the CEO will never be restricted by the industry, in the process of product manager growth, this idea is based on the product management idea of marketing, which is the least restricted by the industry compared with other positions. Therefore, in foreign countries, we can see that the CEO of the cosmetics industry is switching to manage a software company, which is quite normal. However, in China, there are very few cross-country trips so large.
    If you are interested, read:
    • Past and present of product management-yesterday:
    • Product Management past and present-today:
    • Product Management, how to develop tomorrow:
    • A bubble product management kit of the product manager of 34 feelings:
    • No eternal Product Manager:

    Who we make products for determines what kind of products we want to make, and what kind of products we make determines how far our products can go, how far our products can go determines how far our company can go. I agree with Gong yuan, vice president of UC products, the most important three points in product management (these three points are not well done by many companies, including themselves ):

    • Respect for users: Everyone talks about respect for users, but few really do. Too many product managers are making choices for users. They no longer respect users, but are self-centered.
    • Reflection ability: The most taboo thing for product managers is to think that they were once the owners of a good product, they must be an excellent product manager, and take it for granted that it is okay to make any product. In fact, you decide whether you can become a product manager in terms of interest, perception, interaction, and depth between you and the product. Therefore, a good product manager is not always a good product manager. Reflection is very important. We need to be very clear and review the reason why previous products are excellent, and remember that there is no permanent product manager.
    • Knowledge: just like being a person, you must have some basic knowledge. In fact, the above-mentioned respect for users is also a manifestation of knowledge. The respect for users is more from the perceptual aspect, and the knowledge mentioned here is more from the rational aspect. Different businesses require different knowledge. product managers must have a wide enough knowledge. Only with better learning ability can they make fewer mistakes and avoid detours.
  • Project management capability
    PMP is known to many people, but many people do not use the idea of project management to manage themselves. Imagine a person who cannot even manage himself. Why do you believe that a project or an enterprise can be managed? Such as time management, priority management, stakeholder management, resource management, time series management, management expected by others, education and guidance to others, these are all valuable knowledge I learned from my boss. When I learned it, I found that people around me were still being educated. Maybe there is a lack of reflection. Speaking of reflection, is also very important, but here not to mention, interested can look at the "Business Weekly" this article: Id = 49487
  • Report on things
    Here we will extract the full text of the title link as follows. I think it's a good idea. I don't need to come to the dog's tail.
    For many years in the workplace, no matter the colleagues or subordinate organizations around you, you will always see some people who do things very seriously and practically every day. But when facing weekly meetings or temporary reports, he was always staring at his head. The supervisor thought that he had not done the job well, and he felt very wronged. What makes him even more sad is that some of his colleagues have been promoted in the same period, he is still in the same place.
    This shows how to interact with your superiors. Instead of asking you to learn how to be flattering, you need to give your superiors peace of mind on the work delivered to you, so that their superiors can keep abreast of your work progress, at the same time, let him know the problems you may encounter. Therefore, it is not as simple as we think. It can be light or heavy. Because the reporting process is poor, most bosses will always be uneasy about your work, this is probably because subordinates do not know how to report their work.
    For superiors, the most worrying thing is that they cannot grasp the progress of various jobs.(Note: I am deeply touched by this ). If appropriate feedback is not received, important tasks will not be handed over to such subordinates. Therefore, although it is only a simple report, it determines whether you are affirmed by your boss. But it is also ironic that most people do not like to report their work to their superiors. They have to concentrate on their work and do not know the importance of the work report, I don't even know what I should report and how I should report it. If I am not doing well in my work, I am cautious that it has caused a lot of problems and I am afraid to face my boss.
    So how can we make a concise and concise report?
    • First, clear the report content. There are two main types of reports. One is regular, such as monthly and annual goals. This requires regular reports and weekly or monthly reports. It is a non-conventional type, such as emergency incidents and temporary work, which should be reported in a timely manner. According to the requirements of the boss, the boss cannot come to the door to ask us how to do it, at the same time, it also means that things are too busy.
    • Second, grasp the reporting methods. Reports should be made based on the way the boss prefers. If the boss prefers the verbal way, we should avoid lengthy discussions. If the boss prefers the written way, we should avoid simplicity. If the boss prefers to report major or minor events, we have to learn to report one thing. If our boss doesn't like reporting everything, we have to know how to make a choice. This will make it easy for our superiors to hear our reports.
    • Third, the report should be truthful and concise. Do not report false information, or cheat your boss. Once the boss knows that we have cheated him, he will be skeptical about all our subsequent reports. Do not over-exaggerate or render it. This will make the boss feel that we have another picture, lose trust in us, and learn to use facts and data to speak.
    • Fourth, the report should be fully prepared. Every report must not be simplified. You must be fully prepared and be clear about what your boss needs to know and what you may want to know. If we report "one piece of paper" to our boss, we need to hold ten pieces of paper in our hands so as to avoid "talking" when answering questions from our boss ", this will make our superiors doubt our ability to work and attitude.
    • Fifth, the report should be handled in person. We need to report to ourselves rather than our subordinates or others. Reporting to your boss in person is not only a respect for your boss, but also a good opportunity to communicate with your boss one-on-one. Many times, some good ideas, including some of our requirements, can be put forward at this time.
    • Sixth, do not over-promote yourself. The purpose of the report is to allow our superiors to understand our work conditions and receive supervision and guidance from their superiors, rather than promoting their own credit. We can promote our superiors, our teams, but not ourselves. What we do on our own, as long as the report is in place, the boss naturally knows.

    A good report is not how good your eloquence is, but how beautiful your work is. Therefore, a person does not only need to do this. No one knows what you will do if you don't do it.

  • Proactive communication skills
    In fact, this is also the embodiment of cooperation capabilities in the first part, and is also one of the most important capabilities of product managers. It is because of my deep feelings. Especially in the marketing department, as a bridge to communicate with technology and commerce, our good communication is especially important for our position in the company and the company's good operation. I believe that talents with strong communication skills are eligible to be promoted. Most of the communication problems are caused by three reasons: First, inconsistency of positions, second, inconsistency of understanding, and third, unintentional consensus. In the "Product Manager issue Guide", the product manager must be very clear that most of the team members will not report project issues, at least not report issues at appropriate time, this will cause problems to become more hidden and greater, so it is a good way to discover problems in a timely manner through walking management."

3. Feelings from colleagues

Colleagues who get along with each other include superiors, peers, and subordinates. The "superiors" mentioned above are mainly about communication skills.
The sentiment of "subordinates" can be found in these two articles. I will not talk about them more.

  • A letter to post 90 interns:
  • One day will find back to escape:

I don't want to teach people in some way. I did find the problem mentioned in the above article: It's too close to my boss, I cannot clearly tell the scales of upper and lower-level jokes, do things with no intention, or be careful. I feel that what I do is meaningless, so I have no perseverance, I am not good at learning, but I am not under pressure to take the initiative to learn. I love to shirk my skills when I encounter difficulties, use my work time to chat about things, be not good at communication, and claim not to ask the leaders if I encounter things ......

I will try my best to overcome the disadvantages once I find them. Sometimes it takes a few days, months, or even years, or even a lifetime. Do people think they still need to overcome all their shortcomings? But I think the quantitative change is always better than the change. Both lower-level, higher-level, and higher-level personnel can achieve a promotion or salary increase only by overcoming the shortcomings and actively improving the corresponding abilities in their work. Some people may think that these are too vulgar. In fact, I have never taken them as the main purpose. They are just a by-product of reflection and accumulation. Isn't the reflection and accumulation of these 1.1 drops to realize the ideal of life?

Sorry, I am not careful to write so long that no one is planning to read it. I just want to explain my reflection.

Do as much as possible: "No worries, no worries, no worries ".

From my Sina Blog:

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