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Received a letter from a recent training student in C #, the student although the former lack of knowledge, but the study is very strong enough to grow quickly in training. Even if the basic grasp of the. NET Framework (revised edition) is not enough to be satisfied, one is to become high in the hands of the master. The purpose of the letter is to wish me to point to the advanced direction.

To tell you the truth, I generally do not want to be guided by these cardinal questions about personal development, because too much personal or seeing experience tells me that life is really hard to fathom, and that the qualities of goodness, wisdom and diligence that we cherish often come across a terrible reality. I feel that when I encourage a person, I only pay attention to "procedural justice", and not much confidence to him to ensure that "result of justice." Life is not like software, you can have a good design under the good output.

But I do not want to let the disappointment, also took the liberty to write down a little personal shallow experience, extracts a paragraph, accept the review of friends:


Do not talk about specific areas (such as search, video, network, etc.), the single programming language in this vertical direction, I generally have a hierarchy below it.

1. Basic application of C # syntax, with the support of various tools and sample code, to complete some basic program tasks

2. Proficient in object-oriented and component construction, know it but also know why, complete the general small-scale information management software project development task

3. Deep understanding of the CLR kernel mechanism, for various types and. NET platform mechanism, the advantages and disadvantages, applicable occasions, the efficiency of a clear grasp, to complete the technical complexity of the project is higher.

4. Able to grasp the loose coupling principle, accurate use of a variety of language constructs, the framework of large-scale software projects.

5. Able to stand in the computer abstraction, system and historical development of the height to understand and grasp the programming language

I judge you are now roughly between 2-3 positions, of course, in these directions of growth, some of the training can be a significant help, some parts of the training can only play a complementary role, experience and the pursuit of technology is more important


To be honest, the programming language should not have been so important, but now nearly two years of training experience, the contact of the trainees are numerous, from the bottom of almost no programming experience, to high-end in the enterprise as a key development task. It is found that in China, programming languages are in fact a bad thing for most developers, and most programmers are between 1-2--and for the most part, computer education in Chinese universities can only profoundly recognize the absurdity and failure of a person after a thorough understanding of the computer.

May be by the early years of Cai Yuanpei, Yiqi and other ancestors of the edification of passion and hair, began to do education in the mentality of the software training this muddy water, two years down really hard, but look at the reality in the effort to change a little bit, is not, but feel gratified.

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