Several major flaws in XP mode in Windows 7 systems

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The lack of virtual tools

If you have used a commercial product such as a VMware workstation, you will feel that the XP mode is very basic. XP mode cannot replicate virtual operating systems or create snapshots, but the advantages of virtual operating systems are precisely here, but XP mode does not provide these tools.

Manage two systems simultaneously

More seriously, an enterprise that uses XP mode needs to manage an operating system twice the number of desktops. Any user who migrates to Windows 7 and uses XP mode will experience this problem. If XP mode can manage XP installation, the situation may not be so bad, but XP mode is not so.

XP Mode threatens host system

Virtual operating system is the sandbox of the host operating system, which is an advantage of virtualization technology, which means that if the virtual operating system is attacked by viruses, the host operating system is still secure. In XP mode, the virtual operating system always seems to access the host operating system file system, so the security of host operating system is difficult to be guaranteed.

Increased security costs

In order to ensure the security of two systems, users need to install anti-virus software and firewalls for each system. This is not just a matter of cost, but in addition, users need to regularly upgrade security software.

Configuration of the Puzzle

Running XP mode is a higher requirement than running Windows 7 or XP alone, with a minimum memory of 2GB and a chip limited to Intel and AMD.

In order to run XP mode, the user has to configure a CPU that supports virtual technology. Intel CPUs require Vt-x technology, AMD CPUs require amd-v technology. When the CPU is well equipped, the user also needs to consider the BIOS configuration.

What is the point?

If your business is currently using XP, what is the point of migrating to Windows 7? After all, XP's extended support will end by 2014, whether you use XP or not, and the XP model is nothing more than a temporary measure.

When we argue about the XP model, do we think of using other systems? Linux or Mac? In fact, Windows does not necessarily have to be used as a host.

It is reported that the Windows 7 Professional Edition, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and the Windows 7 flagship version of the genuine users can download the XP mode for free. The Beta XP mode will be published publicly with the Windows 7 RC version. Microsoft says the final release of the XP model will be based on feedback from the beta version.

Defects of course, it depends on the acceptance of the level, if you insist that this model does not value those defects is also possible, but for the sake of insurance, in the absence of the necessary circumstances, it is best not to.

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