Several methods of network-connected cable

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First of all, our most common network cable has 3 kinds

The first is: straight-through cable

The second type is: Crossover cable

The third is: reversing the cable

The first is through the cable, straight line, also known as the normal line or standard line, both ends of the use of 568B line standard, note that both sides are the same line sequence and one by one corresponding.

The specific way to do the line is: The simplest way to remember is: white orange, white blue, white green, white-brown, white and white-green white line two position call, order is: 1-white orange, 2-orange, 3-white green, 4-blue, 5-white blue, 6-green, 7-white brown, 8-brown. This method is best thought and best remembered.

Direct-line applications are widespread, and this type of Ethernet cable is used to implement a host to a switch or hub. Standard for routers to switches or hubs.

The second type is the crossover cable:

The intersection line, also called the reverse line, the line sequence one end is 568A, one end is the 568B standard arranges the good line order, and uses the RJ-45 crystal head to clamp well.

The method is as follows: One end is 568a,1-white green, 2-green, 3-white orange, 4-blue, 5-white-blue, 6-orange, 7-white brown, 8-brown.

The other end is 568B, the method above, not repeat.

This type of Ethernet cable is used to achieve a connection

1 Switch to switch.

2 hubs to hubs

3 Host to host

4 Hubs to switches

5 routers are connected directly to the host

The third is a reverse cable.

The reverse cable is less used and is not listed here.

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