Several methods of skin repair in the later stage of Photoshop Photo studio

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Shoot the Originals

Repair effect

In the later work of the photo studio, the revision can be said to be exposed to the problem every day, the tools used to repair the picture are more single, the way is relatively boring, in fact, I

We should work and study hard to explore other tools and ways to improve the map, in order to achieve the purpose of technology diversification, there may be better and more real

Use the way for us to choose, also in order to let themselves not be a single technical way to lock, the following I introduce three kinds of commonly used to the most practical methods for your reference.

Before we introduce, we need to make a comparison of the revision of the standard standards, so that we can work more clues, not to repair the picture too

Flower or walk, now we look at the figure, I will be a person's face divided into five areas, a area is the forehead, B is the left face, Area C is the right face, D area is the chin, e area is

Part of the human senses.

The ABCD four regions in the image can be considered as four different arcs to modify, while the E region is connected to their four regions, so the image transitions from

It is the natural degree of convergence between the e zone and four regions, and the natural degree of transition between the four regions. And the features of the E area we just need to remember

It is made up of different large and small arcs, and must be repaired with finer tools, so that the ABCD four areas are rendered with a large area of color levels.

Watanabe, while the middle of the area E is the details of the facial level, the so-called cuzhongyouxi used here can be said to be more appropriate.

We have analyzed the details of the face, so what we need most is the overall feeling of nature, and now we are moving from the details to the whole,

Makeup, the face has T word and u word, technical theory are interlinked, in fact, can also be used as a makeup on the computer process, figure 1 in the gray block

The description of the T-word high light region and the U-word contour organizes the picture as a whole, and the facial icing is reflected in the T-zone, which contains the high light and the U-shaped area.

Contains the shadow between the whole picture of the Tomorrow to the dark transition process, there are light and shade transition picture can be three-dimensional, to form a level. Let's go down to the big whole.

Body look, the face can be seen as a inverted triangle, this inverted triangle is the basic protection of our process, no matter how to repair, we in the completion,

You must be able to present a inverted triangular layer on the face to ensure that we do not have the image repaired.

Combined with the above analysis, we simply give a definition of the revision of the understanding of the five areas of color transition to natural, otherwise the flowers, T and u words contained in the high light and

Shadow to embody, otherwise it is flat, the level of the inverted triangle to present, otherwise the walk-type.

First, imitation stamp repair skin

First I introduce a peacetime most commonly used, but also the most indispensable way-imitation stamp modification, this method can be said to be more familiar with the specific

Use the method I no longer long-winded, I only mention a few applications in the process of attention, this way is very alive, so everyone in the application process should not be too rigid,

For different regions to have the necessary value of the transformation opacity, the maximum can not exceed 40%, for the details of the facial features recommended 26% to modify, a large area of repair

Decorated with 35% is almost, and in the application is not familiar with the picture can easily repair flowers, change the level of the texture of the picture, in order to avoid this situation, we have applied

process, the color of the 10-pin to be forever in the repair range and never centered, take the color point off the modification section too far easily caused by color deviation so it is too flower, so built

In the repair range to take color, no matter how point, to ensure that 10 needle does not take color range. As shown in figure:

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