Several misunderstandings about popular development tools (Java, C, C ++, Vb, Dephi, etc.)

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1. Work is better than doing it first.
The most frequently asked question by programmers is probably the best language and the best way forward (money? What language is the most powerful?
In fact, there is a big misunderstanding here. That is what you are suitable for and what you want to develop. For programmers, Java, C ++, and vb are all tools used to complete a specific project. However, since it is a tool, it depends on how you use it.
2. All the way to Rome!
For programmers, there is no saying that a language is more powerful than a language. The key is whether you can use it to solve practical problems. Our programmers often argue about which language is better, which is more powerful, that language is too low, and so on. Forgetting the programmer's ultimate mission is to complete the work first!
Of course, after you confirm your work, you can determine which tool you are using based on your work and your actual situation, for example, office automation. We can consider using Lotus Notes, Vb, or Dephi. At this time, Lotus Notes may be more suitable (note: it is more suitable, not to say that Lotus Notes is better than Dephi or vb). Of course, you must follow the actual situation. If you only use Dephi, use Dephi. Otherwise, if you are familiar with Lotus Notes, you will have to work by mistake. If you are a database product, you can consider PB or FoxPro. Or Vb. If it is a MIS system, you can use vc ++ or Vb. If it is a network, you can consider using Java, c ++. Here we can see that, in fact, some work is not completed only with one tool. In today's highly competitive world, every language must refer to the advantages of some languages, that is, the similarities between each other. So, as long as you can solve the final problem. What should we do with the process?
3. The story of opening a head and an ax.
Since they are all development tools, why do we have to compare them. There are clearly some personal colors here, some people are used to a development tool, of course, if he is often engaged in some professional work. It may not love a language deeply. In his opinion, this language is undoubtedly the most powerful, but is it still the best for him to change his job? If you want to use it, you can also achieve the best, but this is like which of the following is the best way to order a nail. It's so awkward. Even if it can be completed, it will take a lot of effort.
4. The fastest speed misunderstanding. (The execution speed after compilation is described here)
This may be the reason why some programmers are talking about it, that is, my language runs N times faster than your language. Resources also occupy a lot, in fact. This is still a misunderstanding, which is of course an important condition for evaluating a good programmer. However, this is not all the conditions. If a program is developed in one language for one week, and another language for one month, do you say it is better. There is a strange phenomenon here. Many of us seem to have a special liking for Java and C ++, and they are still very extreme, it seems that only these two talents are "real" programmers. (This may not be the case for programmers I personally understand .) Look down on Vb or Dephi. However, the latter is often used by more people. (It is not a good thing for many programmers) I have met a friend who had a serious idea in college, as a result, after graduation, no Vc ++ is used to design a program that can be used by everyone. The final graduation design still uses vb. If you are extreme. Then you should use the assembly. It may be faster than anyone else. Or you can use the machine code directly.
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