Several misunderstandings in making interactive design

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The traditional design, the main walk is the visual pathway, this piece of stuff dug very deep, pay attention to convey, the designer wants to express things, emotions, realm through the design content to convey to the user; modern design, in addition to express these elements, more stress "user experience" "immersion" "User behavior and operation", These elements must be considered comprehensively in order to be recognized by the user.

In simple terms, the main thing is to join the "interaction" concept. Now there are a lot of concepts, in simple terms, is this design good things, the user operation, "There is reaction", this "response" will give the content of new connotations, have life. But there are often a few pitfalls to doing interaction:

 Myth One: "I think this interaction is creative and easy."

Some interaction designers often feel that the existing interaction is too corny, try to create a set of their own way to interact, and then they use a few times to feel really comfortable. No wonder that the destruction of a lot of classic interactive way, the user operation up very confused.

Small advice: You can still look at Apple and Google published the most basic interaction design rules, and humbly think about why they are required to do this design? If not, what would be the problem? Slowly learn to walk, then you run Ah, jump AH there is no problem, otherwise it is easy to tumble.

 Myth Two: In the computer screen: "This button is right here."

Some designers in the design of mobile phone pages, never on the phone to check the location and size of the elements on the page. All the designs are done on the computer. Looks like the position is almost, that's it. Until finally put on the phone to see, the button is too small, the line is too small, the font is too small, everything has to start again.

Small suggestion: first draw the prototype on the paper, the cell phone to take photos to the phone, and then use a mobile phone side of the simple tools, such as prototype on Paper (POP) and so on the page size to the phone screen. Then click the Operation (Pop provides a simple interactive operation), look at the position and size of the button is not too big problem, the prototype map into the computer for design refinement. The design of the computer in the process of refinement should also be constantly on the phone to check whether it is suitable for mobile phone pages.

 Misunderstanding three: "Interactive design is too difficult, do a good job must be code to do."

Do interactive design is often involved in more complex operations and display behavior, often require front-end programmers, flash programmers, HTML5 program support, designers often can not be done alone.

Small suggestion: There are already many tools on the market, such as Axure, Balsamiq,visio, etc., can help the designer to realize the interactive effect easily, do some simple static prototype is enough. If the designer wants to be more powerful, try the homemade Vxplo interaction guru, a free interactive editing software that can be quickly implemented with almost any complex interaction. If you really do not have time to learn the code, or the code is very cold, direct use of tools is a more effective way!

Misunderstanding four: "I am inherently poor logic, should not be suitable for interactive design bar."

Interactive design has a lot of logic in which the innate logical sense of people must have an advantage.

Small suggestion: Tiandaochouqin This sentence in what industry all apply. If you have a lot of time every day to think about some good case logic, bubble in a variety of experts in the Forum to communicate, the most important thing is, more practice! You don't need an interface to look good, even if you're just sketching on paper, but you have to record each step of the interaction. In the beginning, some good interactive cases can be simulated and studied carefully. Finally, remember to take your work to a small white user, collect their interactive feedback, even facial expressions (yes!), and then slowly improve.

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