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Whether you are an individual webmaster or a full-time webmaster, you are either hosting a host, renting an exclusive host, or hosting a server. Your Website or application is limited by the network quality of the IDC provider, therefore, for the webmaster preparing to build a site, the IDC provider's choice is not only price, brand, word of mouth, but also an important factor to consider in terms of network speed. How can we test the network speed? Many may use the Ping and tracert commands on their computers to view the response time of the Host IP address provided by an IDC provider, or download the speed file and access the speed page, to determine the speed of the network. However, this can only test the speed at which you access the IP address of the host. It is obviously not comprehensive enough. In addition to the high access speed, you should also consider the access speed of your website visitors, visitors to your website may spread all over the country or even around the world. Now we will introduce several valuable online website speed measuring tools, how to test the speed of accessing hosts nationwide or even globally online!

Online website speed measuring tool:

Usage: Enter the URL or IP address of the host you want to test in the text box on the webpage. click the button next to it to start speed measurement. The shorter the time used, the faster the speed is.

Just Ping:
Just Ping is the first website to provide the online Ping speed measuring tool for multiple sites. It has nearly 60 speed measuring points around the world. It is suitable for websites where visitors are mainly overseas users, such as foreign trade websites.

Card Network:
Card network is a professional website speed testing website in China, with more than 30 speed points. You can choose China Telecom, China Unicom and other three regions to speed up or speed up all, respectively, you can also select a specific speed point. In addition to the Ping speed measurement tool, the card network also provides website content download, web page connection, domain name resolution, and other website speed tests.

Webmaster home:
The Ping testing tool provided by webmaster's house has more than 40 speed points, mainly in China. It is divided into five regions: China Telecom, China Unicom, multi-line, mobile, and overseas. You can test them separately, you can also perform all tests.

Service Labs:
The SpeedTest test tool provided by Service Labs has more than 20 speed points, mainly to test the speed of your local network to various speed points, the page is loaded quickly, the test results are very accurate.

Webluker is a website that provides the website CDN acceleration service. It also provides practical webmaster tools such as Ping cloud detection and HTTP cloud detection. It has more than 20 detection sources in China, you can test the Ping speed, download speed, connection time, and resolution time through Webluker.

Monitoring treasure:
Cloudmonitor is a well-known website monitoring service website in China. It also provides Ping speed testing and webpage speed testing tools. It has distributed 6 monitoring sites nationwide to test Ping response time and webpage response time.


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