Several potential rules for job interviews in Shenzhen

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1. Never tell the truth about your grand plan

Candidates for an exam will generally ask you about your future plans or how you will develop in the company in the future. I believe that any young man will have an ambitious plan as long as he does not have enough knowledge. However, when you tell the examiner, he or she has sentenced you to life imprisonment. If you haven't noticed it, what else do you want to say "a soldier who doesn't want to be a general is not a good soldier" or "a gold is shining everywhere"? Then you are already a dead criminal. Let's leave the room. Why? Because the examiner may not be a human engineer, he or she may be the supervisor or employee of the department you want to apply. If he or she feels that you are not competent enough, he or she will think that you are not steadfast. If you are really good at aggressive, didn't you grab their job when you come in? If someone deceives us, we often scold this person as a dog raised by the boss. However, the reality is that "people" are crowded out, and "dogs" are incapable of staying in a critical position. This is not to say that you want to be a "dog", but that the interview is better to keep a low profile, to prevent those people from making tricks.

2. Never get angry.

This problem often occurs during the interview. For example, if the candidate's ass is not stable, he will say, "Why do you get this job? (Depend! Why are you sitting here with such a high salary? !)", "What do you think about working overtime on Saturday? (Fuck! Isn't it enough to work overtime every day, so I don't even miss me on weekends ?)", "I don't think you have any experience! (Are there any mistakes? I have a bachelor's degree and have obtained so many certificates that I have always been excellent. This industry is not demanding. What experience do I need! You did not have any experience in recruitment ?!)....... It is undeniable that some HR are sharp and approachable, but most of them are actually very weak. Currently, the talent market is a buyer's market. There are many middle-level positions at the bottom of the market. Therefore, they can take advantage of the opportunity to scatter their anger on candidates and call them "stress testing ". If you can answer your questions with a calm attitude, the effect would be good.

3. You 'd better not say you want to learn more.

Basically, each interview examiner will come to Please introduce yourself. When you proudly show him or her fluent oral English, they will smile at you, the head performs the "woodpecker" action with a rhythm. Tell you, they never listened to anything! However, if you say you want to learn more from the company and unfortunately let them listen, you are not far from failure. Remember! The company is not a school. It is a job that allows you to come, not to learn things. Although I will certainly learn something at work, I am not saying so. What do you say? It's best not to say you want to learn more.

4. It is best not to lie on some key issues

The so-called key questions are of course academic qualifications, work experience, and other issues. Work experience is hard to fabricate, so you can reveal some questions by yourself. If you are applying for a large company, you will generally verify your creden。 and proof of employment. During the interview, you may get a chance to try it a few days later: after trial, we don't think you are suitable for this position. One of my colleagues spent a lot of time trying to get the Trial Opportunity of Shenzhen China Resources logistics, but they were out of the game in less than a week. In many cases, you can be honest with the examiner, highlight your advantages, and acknowledge your shortcomings. Instead, you can easily get the desired position. Because these HR employees have to interview a lot of people every day. After listening too much self-confidence, they feel cheated. If you cannot come up with 100% of the evidence, can they trust you? In fact, many jobs do not require much experience. It is better to find an honest person than to find a lie. Do you mean that? Of course, it is not impossible to tell a lie. It depends on the actual situation. It is also possible to hit the "edge ball.

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