Several reasons of direct blue screen in WIN8 system and solutions

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1, if it is QQ, please upgrade the latest version of the QQ2012, has been perfectly compatible with WIN8 (QQ2011 Bate3 above all compatible WIN8).

2, may be the installation error caused, or optimize software errors, recommended to repair the computer to try.

3, the system kernel problems in the use of the upgrade program with the updated to the latest.

4, QQ2012 do not need compatibility mode, installation can be used, 360chrome problem more, the temporary choice of Chrome, WINDOWS8 is ie10 Ah, 360hold not live.

5, is generally due to the problem of hardware (such as: memory) or some software caused. Sometimes overclocking can also produce this error.

Solution: Check the memory with the test software, and if you have overclocking, please cancel overclocking. Plug the PCI hardware card from the motherboard slot or replace the slot. In addition, some motherboards in the CPU overclocking, the South Bridge chip overheating will also lead to blue screen, at this time for the chip to add a heatsink can solve the problem.

The above is the WIN8 system directly occurs in the blue screen of several reasons and solutions, the solution is not very simple, hope to be able to help everyone.

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