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I believe that when you edit the document, often use a text box to prevent text or pictures moving, but there are times, to the text or picture two text box together. The following small series for everyone to share the text box link operation Skills, take a look at it.

A. Draw a text box

First click in the document where you want to insert the text box, then click Insert--text box (horizontal or vertical text box) in the menu bar, or click the text Box button directly in the Drawing toolbar (Figure 01), and then drag the mouse to draw the text box you want.

Figure 1 text box

 Second, adjust the position of the text box

We can adjust the position and size of the text box as needed, first by clicking the mouse on the border of the text box, and then dragging the mouse to adjust the position of the text box when the mouse is turned into a "cross arrow". If you resize the text box, when we activate the text box, when the text box appears to adjust the handle, drag the mouse to adjust the handle, you can adjust the size of the text box.

  Third, the text box inside the word "string" up

First, you enter content in the first text box that you draw (you can also copy, in the form of the pasted content, when the input exceeds the text box range, right-click the first text box, select Create Text Box link in the menu, and move the mouse pointer to the second text box, where the mouse becomes a " Cup "shape, as shown in Figure 02), click the mouse to complete the text box link. At this point, the first text box in which we enter or paste content (beyond the scope of the text box) is automatically linked to the next text box. Conversely, when the contents of the first text box changes, the contents of the subsequent text box will automatically move along with it, making the linked text box an interactive whole.

Figure 2 text Box

If you want to disconnect the text box, just select Disconnect text box from the menu, or right-click and select Disconnect text box (Figure 03). When you break a text box link, the contents of the link to the following text box will automatically disappear, so that two text boxes form their own separate text boxes, you can enter the content independently, or set other formats separately.

Figure 3 Creating a text Box link

Tip: Text box links have a more practical benefit, is the organs, institutions of the early end of the year to fill out the "Annual assessment table", usually we will be some other similar forms filled out, these forms are basically a "self-identification" or "personal summary" need to fill out, and its format is more hurdle, when , we can first draw two text boxes that are the same size as the cells on the cell. Then right-click in the text box border, select Format object, in the Format Object dialog box that opens, and then set the line color of the text box to "Wireless bar color," and then click OK to exit. After that, then set the "text Box link", using the function of the text box link to let two "cell" text flow freely, so it is convenient to fill in.

How, very simple, if the small series did not share, I believe many editors do not know that two text boxes can be linked to each other. In fact, in the work or study, often to make a number of text boxes, and then to connect into one. The above method can be used.

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