Several ways to get FPS under Android

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FPS (Frames Per Second) is one of the most important metrics for Android user experience, especially in VR. To evaluate the performance of VR systems, VR SDKs, and unity applications, FPS is often captured and displayed in real time.

There are a number of ways to get FPS under Android, and this article will cover three of the most straightforward methods. The common denominator of the three methods is that they do not need to be rooted, compatible, but distinctive.

The first method, using Gamebench, is characterized by a graphical display that is very intuitive. Compared with other running software, it measured the data more objectively and accurately. Gamebench can only monitor the FPS of the foreground application and cannot get the global fps. In addition, the trial version has only 30 minutes of available time each month, can only be used in an emergency. Gamebench PC version:

The second way, using ARDC (Android Remote Desktop Assistant), it can get the global fps in real time, not limited to the foreground app. To keep ARDC from impacting the system performance, you can pause the remote display of the Android desktop and display only the FPS data in real time. The FPS data obtained by ARDC is basically consistent with the gamebench.

Thirdly, using systrace, the FPS data obtained by this method is the most accurate, but only after log is taken offline analysis.

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Several ways to get FPS under Android

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