Several ways to sort Excel tables

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Method One: Dates are sorted by time

into the operating interface, as shown in the figure, first select the range of cells you want to sort, select data on the Start menu, go to the Sort tab, find the sort of date in the custom sort order that pops up, and then click OK to complete the operation, as shown in the figure:

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Now let's preview the effect after the sort is done. As shown in the figure:

Method Two: Data press and hold the number size sort

Enter into the operation of a few, small edit casually enter several numbers, as shown in the figure:

Select the cells you want to sort, on the Start menu, select Data, go to the Sort tab, and then click the Options command, pop the sort options, and click the "Sort By column" method so that the number in the cell is sorted by column size to large. As shown in the figure:

Method Three: The name is sorted by letter

Small series Just enter a few names. Also go to the Sort Options window, as shown in the diagram above:

Then, on the sort options, select alphabetical to complete the operation, as shown in the figure:

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Method Four: Of course, these kinds of methods are relatively simple, commonly used several methods. Sometimes you need to sort by another way, so you can add a sort in custom options, as shown in the figure:

These are several ways to sort Excel tables. All sorts want to first select the content to be sorted, to include each list header, and then click "Data-Sort" in the dialog box to select "Primary Key", or secondary keywords, and then select the sort order, sorted by the way from large to small or large.

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