Shanghai Telecom's overlord clauses with regional discrimination

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After a year and a half in Shanghai, we have been using Shanghai Telecom's broadband. As we all know, Shanghai Telecom is almost the only choice for individual broadband users. Other Service Providers, China Netcom, are not individual users, great Wall broadband service coverage is too small and cannot be installed in many places. The stability of Wired connection is so hard to use. Therefore, in Shanghai, telecom companies have almost monopolized all individual broadband users.

According to the Regulations of Shanghai Telecom, if I am not from Shanghai or do not have a Shanghai ID card guarantee, I must pay a deposit of 500 yuan, I don't know where it is more risky than a shanghaiese. Later I thought about how to pay by month. I can also understand it. Just pay it and don't pay for it. Now, for personal reasons, I plan to stop the previous monthly broadband payment and use my wife's ID card to re-run the one-year payment system. Then there is a situation that makes it hard for me to understand.

When I first paid the pressure fund, material fee, and initial installation fee, I had to pay the money first, and then wait for the engineer to schedule the on-site installation. Now, when I got the money back, I had to wait about two months to get the money back. I don't know why I can't get the refund when I pay all the bills. I pay a month and don't owe you a penny, why don't you give me my money? In addition, I want to run to the telecom business building several times for this money. A round-trip toll is 6 RMB.

In addition to the deposit refund, I still pay 500 yuan for the new annual pay-as-you-go broadband because I am not from Shanghai and have no Shanghai ID card guarantee. I really can't think of where the risk is. I will pay you a usage fee for one year, and you will activate it for me for one year. It was originally because I did not owe you or me, and it was just a year. I didn't renew my subscription before that, you just need to stop the bandwidth. Do I have the opportunity to bring you any risks? The reason is that I have to pay 500 yuan, and the reason is that the Shanghai ID card is used as the reason, it is obvious that the regional discrimination. On the contrary, I feel that, during this year's use period, whether you can guarantee the quality of my broadband has taken some risks, and you need to accept a certain amount of money from your telecommunications company.

This overlord Treaty brought about by market monopoly is really intolerable.

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