Shanghai UF T1 agent, Customer hard drive bad track cannot copy copy mdf/ldf database sql2005 repair

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Shanghai UF T1 agent, Customer hard drive bad word can not copy copy

Mdf/ldf Database sql2005 Repair

Agents Encounter This problem, the credentials of customer data is very important can not be separated from the database can not be copied away, with MHDD detection is obvious discovery

The disk has a bad block, with Diskgen and bad disk copy can not be copied away, we use disk mirroring tool The file is mirrored and then read with our database fragment Read tool, but unfortunately we find that several tables have indexes that are broken, and we ask the customer to provide a set of historical accounts in the customer history set, the table is a universal table for the few tables that do not find the error, after comparing the data dictionary, We have imported the data to the DBCC without any problems, delivery to the customer, agent detection OK.

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Important Reminders:

The problem is OK, be sure to keep the scene or do a good backup and re-operation, two damage to data recovery is fatal.

Shanghai UF T1 agent, Customer hard drive bad track cannot copy copy mdf/ldf database sql2005 repair

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