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After the US Wall Street Journal "in the next few months, Google will be the largest technology upgrade in history," the report, foreign media quoted technology blog search Engine Land report confirmed Google's technology upgrade news. And clearly pointed out that Google plans to punish overuse of search engine optimization (SEO) technology sites.


Reported that Google will be an unprecedented major technology upgrades to combat excessive SEO behavior (photo description)

According to the technology blog Search Engine Land report, Google Anti-Spam team head Matt Cutts pointed out: "In the search results, Google wants to ' overuse of SEO technology sites and have excellent content of the site to compete fairly".

Although Google in the Chinese search engine market share "Wangxiao New Year, less than a year" sharply shrinking, in addition to foreign trade-oriented English station, Google's impact on the mainland of China increasingly small, but it is certain that as the world's leading search engine industry leader of Google such "days of collapse of the earthquake," the major changes are bound to " A stone stirred thousand layers of waves, "will definitely rewrite the entire search engine industry rules."

Google in the future "the biggest technology upgrade in history," the impact of the main SEO what? We may as well combine foreign reports, according to Google Administrator articles, Matt Cutts and other authoritative experts to look at the consistent stance.

First, both reports clearly point out that Google and other search engines will not give up the existing keyword search (keyword ranking) technology, but it is no longer satisfied with the construction of users and related high-quality content of the bridge between the site, it will gradually build their own excellent content system, directly in the search returned to the page directly show the content of the users need To meet the needs of the search user.

Google offers more relevant sites for good content only if Google offers content that does not satisfy the search user base. This means that all sites, regardless of whether you are good or not, will reduce Google's search-click traffic.

The search engine gradually builds own excellent content system is stone, on the one hand to get rid of too many web pages rely on excessive SEO, keyword search results irrelevant content of the status quo, greatly reduce the search user time cost, not only can establish their own good user experience, further curb the dust on the SEO technology over the application, Guide many stationmaster, seoer to walk "content is king" The way, can also win bigger advertisement market for oneself, further consolidate oneself in the industry position.


Now Google has been on some of the search back page directly give the answer (picture description)

In fact, the previous Google has been a number of search returned to the page directly to give the search results are simply the right attempt, such as the search "PI" when it directly gives accurate to 8 digits after the decimal "PI (pi) value." To be sure, Google will be more and more of the Web pages that display search results directly after the search returns. Moreover, it will not only be limited to the basic scientific knowledge of Pi (PI).

Google such practices than by domestic netizens criticized a variety of Baidu's own product search return page ranking "always in the front" of the practice to be more sophisticated, and the vast majority of users will directly benefit from the search. But fundamentally, both of them are exactly the same, they are all different attempts to establish their own excellent content system. To be sure, such practices for the vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster, seoer are more far-reaching negative impact, far more than the search engine keyword ranking algorithm adjustment.

Second, Google anti-spam group head Matt Cutts said, in search results Google wants to "overuse of SEO technology sites and have excellent content of the site to compete fairly." The implication is that Google believes that the competition between the two are not fair, then what is Google's eyes must curb excessive SEO behavior?

Matt Cutts, for example, "in a Web page contains too many keywords (this is also the" Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0, "said" content meaningless interspersed keywords "), or have too much exchange links (already more than just" link farms "and BSP, BBS garbage link).

Of course, that's not all, Matt Cutt's next "unconventional approach" should at least include the "camouflage" of the Cutts, Seoer, who was warned in the video last year, "to show different content to Google Crawler (search engine spiders) and users." Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0 also stressed that "search engine is only a common user"), camouflage is usually to deceive, do not believe there is the so-called ' white hat camouflage ' technology.

In fact, such a fraud should also include the "Google Webmaster Blog: Improve the site of a number of basic recommendations," the webmaster, Seoer stressed that "your (title tag), meta tag description of the best content rich, authentic, and the unity of the content of the site" and so on.

Of course, curbing the above excessive SEO behavior is already Google and a number of search engines have been doing for many years, but this video speech Matt Cutts "Don't believe that the so-called ' white hat camouflage ' technology," the ruthless can be said to be unprecedented, believe that Google's future "the largest technology upgrade ever" Will be in the curb above excessive SEO behavior to sacrifice a punch.

But none of this is all, at least not the core of Google's "biggest technology upgrade ever" that will "increase the relevance of search results" and "Impact search results".

The author believes that the core content of Google's "biggest technology upgrade ever" is that Matt Cutts, speaking at the PubCon conference last year, said that "Google may be punishing too many ad pages" when it comes to Google testing a " The algorithm for what is really important in a Web page, and how much of it is mixed with other unimportant content.

If this test succeeds, should be more powerful than the panda algorithm (or panda algorithm improved version), this should be the Google "the biggest technology upgrade in history," The essence of the algorithm changes-this is really let more search engines scramble to 傚 imitation of the core algorithm, but also let more seoer are crazy stuff.

This research down, really too tired, search engine one day constantly modify algorithm, we have a day followed it behind the SEO "follow the tactics" really too passive, or must adhere to the "status quo", adhere to "You hit you, I hit my" just do.

For many small and medium websites, SEO is important, but still have to do their own content, especially in Google is ready to build their own content system, the kind of "simple acquisition and Replication" or simple pseudo original keyword ranking optimization of the processing has been impossible to achieve the ideal effect, SEO must be really in accordance with the " Google search engine quality guide and "Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0" To do-not only because of "people eaves, how can not bow", on the other hand because it is effective, "a stupid method is effective, it is not a stupid method" ah.

Moreover, "all eggs can not be placed in a basket", with the rich web2.0, our promotional means should not only be limited to SEO above, this is not only for the whole site to promote the benefits, and this method ultimately for the site SEO also has a greater help, this is called " Jump seo do seo "Ah! (This article by SEO Yunnan original starting, copyright, Wenzing, reprint, please use link form to indicate the origin of the article

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