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An Android rookie "face Pa" interview experience to share

Today is the second day of my career as a start-up company. Because the company today to buy their own computer back, had to do today in every technical personnel first day to do things: Install the relevant development software, configuration development environment.

In the process of installing the software, the download of the latest version of the Android studio is slow, so just flip through the download process. Then, seeing a group of developers, a friend was still talking about the interview, where he said there was no interview notice today. After listening to, filled with emotion, this feeling I have many times.

As for why dare to call oneself "noodles bully", one has gimmick ingredient, second, did oneself interview many times. It's not a place to be proud of, it's really because your work experience is a bit special. For almost four years, four jobs have been changed, and every job change will have to start looking for a job. Some are due to personal development reasons, some are due to the dissolution of some company project team, corporate management reasons.

Last year my most interview was to catch four interviews a day, which I thought would never happen again. But, looking for a job last week, 15 interviews a week, except the first day of the interview, the next four days of the interview is 3, 4, 3, 4. Four interviews a day, noon are no time to eat, hungry belly ran for a day. Finally got three more satisfactory offer. In Shanghai for two years, because of the change of jobs, Shanghai's subway line, in addition to a newly opened 16th did not pass, the rest have passed. Then also encountered a variety of wonderful, pit Dad interview. The person who interviewed me, director, technical director, CTO, Boss, and a variety of people who do not know the technology, there are listed companies, start-up companies, outsourcing, foreign companies, internet companies, IT companies, there are also sales, advertising, media, financial companies. Said so much, not to say that their technical good, I just because of their own experience, see a lot of phenomena, just want to say out, can help some find a job friend, the good is great.

Here a brief talk about their own situation, college degree, before the mechanical and electrical, and then participate in a Java training, training, I found that Java EE development need to use too much knowledge, and then, I just at that time contact with Android, so I want to do Android development.

The first Android job, I was almost the intern's identity, because the company gives learning opportunities, can learn, while following the project, so, to the present is still very grateful for the first job.

Of course, when it comes to getting a job, because there's no Android development experience, go online search a lot of jobs, cast a resume did not respond, searched for a long time to find that company, the request is very low, interns can, I just go to the interview, there are on the machine test, but, because the test is the basic knowledge, and then, The company is in a county-town software Park, estimated, but also because the person to interview, coupled with the original performance of the more willing to learn, the boss gave this opportunity. Anyway, I thanked my first job from the bottom of my heart.

The experience here is: when you have very little work experience, you have to work hard to find a job. A lot of people say, no one to inform the interview, interview opportunities. It is true at first, but you have to find a way. For example: More on a few sites, do not be afraid of their high requirements, you can not reach the conditions, in case there is an interview opportunity? In addition, there is time to brush the resume, general around 10 o'clock in the morning, the afternoon around 2-3 brush a resume, the two points is the HR looking at the relative concentration of resumes In addition, you have less experience, you have to show two points, one, the basic knowledge should be solid. Second, willing to learn, at least you have to show a pair of people willing to study in this direction, otherwise, why do they want you? Who wants to cultivate you.

When it comes to basic knowledge, some people say I'm not solid and that's your problem. In addition, anxious to find a job, how to do?

You search most of the face questions often ask those questions, to see several times, not to ask the time, do not know what to say, at least you can say a probably better than nothing. Of course, this is not to teach you cheat, is you find a job, you have to hurry to fill up their own weak place.

I remember when I first started to learn Java, I was often asked some questions, such as the three main features of Java, the difference between abstract classes and interfaces, overloading and rewriting, single case pattern, recursive algorithm, multithreading, these often encountered problems. Put on Android, you may have just started to ask some basic knowledge: for example, 4 large components, 5 large layout, the use of listview,intent. This is the most common knowledge you need to know about the interview.

The first two years of work, interview, meet the interview of the company about 90%, of course, the various companies are uneven, some of their own out of the depth of the problem, some of the search from Baidu on a printed, I saw a few directly can search the original question interview. Not to say what the interviewer is going to do, I met all kinds of interview, there are all the English, there are all logical questions, is to give you three graphics, let you speculate on the fourth graphic, have interviewed Android development, out of a pair of C + + and SQL Server questions (the company is playing the game). Some face test is really a waste of time, if you feel that the company is not satisfied, politely say, do not go. If it is a serious, you can not do it, it is best to write a general idea, and sometimes can be counted to do the right.

When it comes to interview questions, some of the company's face questions are really unchanged for many years. I have met two companies, every other year to interview, or those questions, of course, a company for the first time interview, because faced with other opportunities did not go, the second interview or those questions, still passed. But, with the same questions, different experiences, you have to answer different answers, at least more deeply than you have previously answered.

In fact, you work about two or three years after the interview to do the interview questions of the company has been very little, but there are about 15%, there will be interviews. However, more questions will be asked about your project situation, some practical development problems encountered.

For example, now often ask some, ListView optimization techniques, custom control steps, asynchronous loading aspects, JNI,NDK, and then some open source framework, open source control, and often be asked, these Open-source control source code you have not seen. Because I believe we all understand that many open source controls have been used, but, really to see their source code, to change their source code, I am afraid not much of it. There are also some framework design, An Zhouyuan code aspects of the problem. Of course, if you bring a team, you will also ask some of the team division, management issues.

I remember a classmate's QQ signature is, the greater the capacity, the greater the responsibility. I think that people are going to grow, when you continue to grow, your responsibility is not consciously added to you. For example, you have three years of experience to do and a year of experience to do, there must be a lot of differences, of course, your treatment also has a lot of differences.

An interview is really a physical activity plus mental work. You have to interview, to learn to summarize, in fact, from the interview, we can learn a lot of things. For example, if you go to a company for an interview, remember to look at the company's environment, location, company environment, office equipment, can see a company's financial background. Because, Shanghai this city, really have a lot of pit dad's start-up company, plainly is a few people think of an app creative, set up a team to do, do not long, money or financing to keep up with the dead. I interviewed a "company" in Tang, I took a map to find there, "company" opposite someone else in cooking, smell should be onion scrambled eggs. The company is directly in the community rent the kind of three room, then, put seven or eight computers, not tax, direct discovery Gold, I casually chat hurriedly go. In fact, such a company in Shanghai really a lot, saw a lot of community room hanging on the top of the "ban on accommodation office" brand, but inside a small company in a closed door to work, the first door is still locked inside. There are a number of so-called High-tech Park, the collection of electricity port or something, inside one or two small rooms, a dense set of more than 10 computer tables. I don't know how people inside work feel. All I can say is that we programmers are really commiseration to work in such a depressing environment.

So, for the interview, my personal recommendation is that, if just graduated, outsourcing, outsourced such a company, can quickly through a large number of project development to improve their technical level, but do not stay too long, unless you have the opportunity to enter the management position. Generally do not exceed two years.

With more than two years of experience, there are opportunities to enter large companies, such as some large IT companies or internet companies, which is best. If you can't get into a big company, entering a startup is a good choice, and the key is what kind of start-up company you're in. In recent years the development of mobile Internet, causing many startups or many entrepreneurial teams, think of an idea, or their so-called creativity, quickly recruit 35 developers, began to develop, developed a few months later, the project over, the team dissolved. For startups, you have to dry, before you go in, to ask what products companies do, the company's team composition, from a number of background, understand the company's capital situation, in order to do the resource advantages of products, if the product prospects are not good, the company has no funds or resource advantages, such a start-up company you have to carefully consider. Do not easily listen to some interviewers, or the boss of the bluff, what the prospect of you, can only say so much.

Say some interviews about the pit Dad experience:

1. A company, in a commercial building near a railway station, went in, a look at three middle-aged, put a few computers, the room is very dark, come up to fill a table, just ready to write, hesitated, I said, sorry, I do not like such a working environment (too depressing), the table back to them, gone.

2. There is a financial company that is preparing to build a team to do its own financial app, which is found to be particularly numerous in 15 when it is ready to make its own financial app. Go in for an interview, three people in suits, ask a variety of questions, from development details, to product flow, to product and development communication, asked very detailed, pit Dad's place is, three people have taken a notebook, I returned to some questions, they feel important are written down. For example, I said that we typically need a functional document, and a UI flowchart, UI effect map for our development. Asked for one hours, they also recorded one hours. Then, wait for the notice, no below. It is clear that you want to know something about the development of the project for free.

3. When we first came to Shanghai, there was a company interview to be on the machine, I must build a project, write a thing, even if only a button click event.

4. Interviewing a company for Android development, gave a C + + test question and a SQL Server problem. I thought I took the wrong one and asked the receptionist, and she said, "We're doing this for Android."

5. I met a company form and asked, "Why are you applying for a job?" and "How is your family life?" A similar problem.

6. A company in the residential buildings, the opposite room is still cooking. That's what it says, scrambled eggs with onions.

7. Go to a larger company, see the form, one side, two sides, three sides. Etiquette score, wear

Score, eloquence score .... The problem is that one side is 10 minutes from the end, and two faces to wait next time. You have to run four times for this interview. After one side, give up.

8. Or a financial company's interview, Interview Hall took a thick print data, back to the problem, see him turn the page, inadvertently glanced at the home page on a number of typing "Android questions set", asked the question, a mess. What is the name of the five major layout, activity life cycle, the three characteristics of Java, Aldi called What, and so on, many are some basic, online search of the face test.

9. There is a company, called the past interview, I just completed the interview form, just finished the general introduction, said, we can not give you such a high salary, then, pay a big cut. And then, it's over,

10. Four full English face test questions, the middle two pages is the logical graph, all is what graph inference, the numerical inference question.

11. The past one hours of the first Test, finished said, go back first, we will telephone notice ...

The impression is more profound say these several, there are some other, what past interview and so on, do not understand the technology of people, tugging at you a problem has been not put.

Say some questions about interview preparation:

1. Check the route in advance, the way of bus. (I usually write on the paper, including contact information, and then use Baidu Map, however, there is no positioning of the situation)

2. In advance to understand some of the job interview company Information, probably need some technical points, may ask some questions.

3. No matter how big the company, their favorite company, or they do not like the company, should be as indifferent as possible to treat, maintain self-confidence, even if you want to pretend to be confident appearance.

Say some of the interview harvest things, before seeing a saying, you have to cut a period of time to refresh the resume, not in an environment to stay too long. First of all, don't say the right and wrong words. Different people have different understandings. I am because some of their own experience, change the work of the city, some companies into the dissolution of the project, and so on, and so on, resulting in a more frequent job change. Have to walk all the way to the interview. However, during the interview process, I did learn a lot of things. I interviewed some CTO, technical manager, some of the questions they raised, including some suggestions that were pertinent, and a technical manager who shared with me a few years of work experience. There is a micro-blog in the domestic company under a game company interview, the beautiful HR director sister, also gave a lot of advice, let me figure out what I want to find what kind of work. Because at the beginning of a few years, through job-hopping, really pay promotion faster, but, 5 years later, if the technology is not an in-depth aspect, I am afraid it will not be sustainable development.

Speaking of last week, actually found a family, but only a day class. The next day, I do the bus to do the subway station, wandering for a long time, did not go in, did not go to that company, although the company's pay is not low, from their own place to live in, but, the company some other resources are insufficient, can clearly see that a project does not long, they do not want to do a few months later, then change jobs. Then there was the crazy but selective interview of last week.

Said so much, just want to share some of their own experience and feelings, hoping to give some recently looking for a job friend some help. Everyone has their own uniqueness, the existence of all is reasonable, technical people must not only technical theory, feel that their technology is very cow, you can no one else, others than you pay higher, than you are popular, must have his unique place. Everyone's experience is different, you have to find the right way to you, you can better on your way down.

Looking back has always been bleak place, there is no wind and rain also no clear.

The dream does not know the body is a guest, a noon greedy huan.

Share Android interview experience, fresh life, not 211

Years ago is not a good time to find a job.

The pier is big and the ship will come.

Looking for a job after almost 3 weeks, I was fresh, not 211, exactly, senior students, many people should be similar to me, if you really have the ability, which company will not you?

Writing programs is often not a matter of experience. Many times it is a thought that comes back and begins to write.

Also, I was born in the fresh, because there is no diploma, so first internship.

The forum is still helpful.

11.11 seems

The first company: New media Messenger, do not know? Always know how to fly. Well, the first interview, very nervous, written answer is not good, I just said I remember, the topic is quite a lot of, NND, can not finish, there is an algorithm problem, optimization problem, in short, optimization problem is to use space to change time, but the interviewer said he would not, feel a lot of balance .... In short, a variety of reasons for tragedy, some people say overtime, this to no matter.

11.12 should

Acorn International, the name is very good, no written test directly, then take the subway, there is no direct, still have to sit bus, directly make me dizzy, they are in the 4 floor, in the front desk is not, call to ask, bring back to the front desk to ask: is not to see no one dared to I sweat, that is polite problem, directly without words, nothing to say, very disappointed, really only a good name.

A variety of small companies back

The pick part said, some I also can't remember.

Because I am a fresh student, usually carry a computer, there is a project is flat. So,,, said the Lishui bridge near the cheater company, do not know is not so. There is a panyun,linux typing bad ah, with pinyin, go in to say flow 40 minutes, superior, an algorithm, an app, I am still picky about the hardware. I want to develop the memory to 4G only, open eclipse a bit card, the next question came, I worry about the CPU atom immediately without the desire to do the problem.

I'm not talking about the small company, not the idea.

I interviewed almost 10 of them.

Have EICo Desigin, do design all know this company.

Because of tension, fresh students have no experience AH. Many things do not know after all. With those who have worked for many years, job-hopping many times I certainly can not compare.

There is a company in Xicheng district whose name is forgotten. The written test is good, the interview except a little nervous. I got a request for a fresh student from the interviewer:

1 Foundation is solid

2 communication consciousness, team work ability

3 ability to endure hardship and thirst for knowledge

This is not a problem for me, but you still have to find out what your flaws are, though not fatal.

A few days ago to appwill the interviewer is also Shandong, very kind, and then said that I, Putonghua problem, although do technical, communication problems I know is very important.

Usually speak a little fast, Putonghua basically do not say, in the school speak Mandarin was onlookers ah.

The next day Appwill said to provide a position, when I said to consider, this is the Wednesday, I was last week to receive Jing Dong interview said: Next Tuesday interview. Number 11.29th.

Everyone said that the treatment, I also said their own point of view, I remember someone said if a person's value 8k,hr bargain to 7.5k, although cut off 500, but also cool the hearts of others, if there is a better chance they will go. There's more to it than that. That's basically the thing.

Not every enterprise likes to cultivate people, it should be called talent Reserve, right.

I know a lot of people interview have hit the wall, with graduate students we must have a gap, not 211 is OK, who let us high school fun, yes.

The industry knows to do plus resume, Beijing is very serious, friends told me that they are interviewing open one eye, I also have a headache internship on the internship, anyway, there is no diploma. This is even more tragic, the reason is very simple, in fact, everyone said I proficient what what, you say I familiar with what, do not say.

One of the 2 internal recommendations, a Sina, a jingdong, because Sina that, there is no experience, so with Sina missed, and finally I prepared a week to Beijing East interview, a crazy bombing.

The interview for an afternoon, finally good, I did not think before can go in, in short, as a fresh student, be honest (if your ability to lie is very x, at least I can not, a bit will be exposed) modest, willing to learn to endure hardship, like to study, like the head said, may now take 1k, but 5 years later you take the problem is not 1k.

There are times when you look longer.

Businesses are not charities, and schools do that. Enterprises are willing to cultivate you, you must feel that you have the value of training.

Android 4 source code released, alas these days do not have the mood to study the source code, and now began to download. Hey.

Fresh students, refueling, we are young, more than a few interviews on the line, many are not we can not, but a lot of us do not know, once again thank the various companies to give me the opportunity to interview, thank you for giving me the advice of the interviewer. I also thank the HR who put my CV dl.

Since the university has not had a Christmas, every Christmas exams, annoying, this Christmas to relax a bit, and make good efforts

Android Interview 360 Experience

Today to the legend of the Tall 360 interview, I originally engaged in Java EE Web site development, self-study Android One year, today was hit, the topic is as follows only for reference, this kind of big company is to see the interviewer temporary play ask questions ~ ~

A deep awakening to how shallow my understanding of Android is.

1 Activity Initiation Mode and application scenario: The key is to ask whether a new task is started in the singleinstance mode, and what other applications start the activity in which task and jump back to another page?

In fact, the forum has a lot of posts to talk about some of the theory of Things, of course, there are many mistakes, we can not see word, or go to the official website to find the answer. (The interviewer was expressionless and I said some of my own ideas)

Features of the activity that set the "Singletask" startup mode: 1. An activity that sets the "Singletask" startup mode, which, at startup, first looks up the affinity of a property value equal to its property value taskaffinity in the system, and if such a task exists, it will start in this task. Otherwise, it will start in the new task. Therefore, if we want the activity of the "Singletask" startup mode to start in a new task, set a separate Taskaffinity property value for it. 2. If an activity with the "Singletask" startup mode is not started in a new task, it will see in the existing task whether there is already a corresponding instance of the event, and if so, will end the activity at the top of the task stack, which is the end of the work instance.

Add a feeling that the interview is really like a blind date, there are fate how to chat, no fate to say what feelings are not exchange, I said above a large section of Singletask things, the interviewer asked me singleinstance things, Also asked another application to use the SingleInstance page, which stack the activity will be in, feeling he should be asking about the picture, but he said it was singleinstance, I said SingleInstance exclusive a task. 2 then asked the Dalvik virtual machine and the JVM virtual machine, the extent of the question is very deep, simply to deal with different things, operating efficiency, Dalvik multiple instances of running, the interviewer is not satisfied, asked why the register on the fast, Why Dalvik was designed to run with multiple instances really stumped me, and research on application development does ignore the research of Dalvik virtual machines. The following is to find some answers to the parents to do a reference to it ~ Special tips, this question should not say that the Dalvik based on the register is faster than the JVM based on the stack, I just like this out of the pit, and can not explain, tragedy. The most notable difference between a Dalvik virtual machine and a Java virtual machine is that they have different class file formats and instruction sets respectively. The Dalvik virtual machine uses the Dalvik executable format class file, and the Java Virtual machine uses class files in class format. A Dex file can contain several classes, while a class file includes only one. Because a Dex file can contain several classes, it can save space by saving duplicate strings and other constant numbers in each class, which is ideal for mobile systems with limited memory and processor speed. In general, an uncompressed Dex file containing the same class is slightly less than a compressed jar file. The instructions used by the Dalvik virtual machine are based on registers, while the instruction set used by the Java virtual Machines is based on the stack. Stack-based instructions are compact, for example, a Java virtual machine uses instructions that take up only one byte, and hence are called bytecode. Register-based directives require more instruction space because of the need to specify the source and destination addresses, for example, some of the instructions for the Dalvik virtual machine need to occupy two bytes. Stacks and registers based instruction sets each have advantages and disadvantages, in general, the same function, the former need more instructions (mainly load and store instructions), and the latter need more instruction space. Requiring more instructions means consuming more CPU time, and requiring more instruction space means that data buffering (D-cache) is more likely to fail. 3 then asked the project's sense of accomplishment, I said OAuth programming was despised, saying that it was not a business to calculate technology; said Deviceplocymanager, anyway.It's not a bright spot. Each of you to play it, it is best to seize the interviewer's interest. 4 How do I get the ID of each device when I push a message? I don't know what it means to answer this question at all. However, I said that the development process used in the MAC address plus the terminal number plus the CPU serial number, Android does not understand that there should be a corresponding thing. 5 Why does interprocess communication communicate with Aidl,socket, and does content provider communicate with each other? 6 Why use content provider to share data? 7 ListView Optimization, asked the item inside the recycle question, Ask me to live. Overall, this interview feeling very bad, mainly is often be interrupted by the interviewer and further ask another question often break, well, I really do not think deeply about the design of the Android system and implementation methods.

Can only give these things to the pro, the pro!

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