Share a source code download website, weather forecast project source code, more suitable for beginners to learn, download the source code Weather Forecast

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Share a source code download website, weather forecast project source code, more suitable for beginners to learn, download the source code Weather Forecast
This project is the source code of a weather forecast project. It can be used to set the city, change the background image in the application, and bring the weather widget components. The weather information is provided by It is suitable for beginners to learn and reference. Project Build 4.2.2 default encoding UTF-8 source code has a large number of Chinese comments.

Weather forecast project-selection of push services. The push services on the market include Baidu cloud, personal push, Aurora, umeng, Bmob, and smart game, which PUSH Service is your project set in so many push services? We recommend that you pay attention to the relevant information of the PUSH Service, including the features and functions of each payment platform, for detailed configuration process and service evaluation, you can compare and select a service suitable for your project.
Big collection of push services:

My commonly used push services are Baidu cloud, Aurora, Bmob, and smart games. The push service has the same functions and can push the latest and most popular information and information for your target users. However, because of the technical characteristics, each push has its own user group, which push service do you prefer, or which push service is more suitable for you. Let's look at the similar service comparison function.
This is my choice of several commonly used services do part of the comparison information, For more information refer to:

Download android project source code

It may be difficult for most people to read the project source code. First, the first obstacle: give up when you see the project! If there are 10 or more people, this may be the case above. Analyze the idea: How can I read so many codes! I want to read it for a long time! Forget it. Let's take a look at the Demo. In this way, they just import the project to eclipse, click a few mouse clicks, and then there will be no more details. Solution: in fact, the reason for their termination is very simple, that is, it is too troublesome. Well, tell you that this problem can affect you. In fact, your development path can also be terminated. To learn anything, you must spend time, energy, and preparation for difficulties. If you want to enter the sky in one step, it is possible that, unless you are a genius, but after all, there are too few geniuses! For development, I don't want to learn 1 + 1. So, Let's adjust your mind first. What kind of mentality should you have? That is: Prepare for difficulties and have the confidence to solve their sufferings. The mentality problem has been solved, that is, the code reading technique. Many people don't know how to get started with a project, so they just read it in a random manner. When they see it, they find that they cannot proceed, and began to reorganize their own ideas. This is a waste of time. In fact, it is best to take the following steps for reading a project (personal opinion, for reference only): 1. Use this application or game, until you are familiar with its use process and functions 2. Analyze the code implementation based on your own experience (overall) 3. If you have any conditions and the original author asks for project ideas 4. Start from the Activity that was started first, understand how each Activity function is implemented and its layout is implemented. 5. If you encounter code that you do not understand, first find the search engine (which can be solved in general ). If not, you can ask others. 6. Summarize the new knowledge points and review them on a regular basis. 7. The most important thing is: I think you need to write it by yourself, you may need to re-write the project, or design a similar project, or write only a part of the project. Why do you need to do it yourself? Everyone knows about coder. It makes no sense if you learn the best theory and don't do it! Therefore, you can solve the problem and learn more. This is experience ·······
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High scores are suitable for beginners to learn. PHP enterprise website source code

The yipu source code has many PHP enterprise website source codes, which are simple and complex. It is very suitable for beginners to study and build websites.

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