Share a practical knowledge aggregation tool-you can aggregate articles from different sites and blogs (CSDN, blog Park, Sina Blog, QQ space, etc.) to the blog garden, Sina or WordPress

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Share a personal-developed free knowledge management tool-bean John blog backup expert.

This software is completely free, powerful blog backup tool, blog remote Publishing (blog remote one-click release to Sina, Netease, blog Park, WordPress) tool, blog ebook (PDF, CHM and TXT) generation tools, offline blog browsing tools, elegant software interface, support for multiple mainstream blog sites (QQ space, Baidu space, Sina Blog, Netease blog, Douban diary, back up blog posts of Tianya blog, on the 19th floor, blog Park, Hexun blog, CSDN blog, Sohu blog, and 51CTO blog.

The overall function can be intuitively seen from the figure below.

The following is the software interface:

What can this software help us do? I personally think it has the following purposes:

1. Back up your blog posts to prevent data loss or account blocking.

2. Back up others' articles and collect knowledge.

3. blog migration or blog image. For example, if you have an account that has been maintained for many years in CSDN, and now you want to migrate to the blog garden, you can first use bean John's blog backup experts to download all the files to your local device, then, you can use the one-click Remote publishing function to publish an article to the blog or your own independent WordPress blog.

4. knowledge aggregation. For example, you pay attention to HTML5 and ASP. net mvc technology, first back up the experts' articles (reposted) from the CSDN or blog park, and then create an account in the blog Park, Sina or Netease, or you can build a WordPress independent blog by yourself, and use the remote one-click publishing feature of the blog backup experts to collect the articles from various big cows, publish all to your own blog (blog backup experts will automatically add the original article link to each blog ). You can use this method cyclically. For example, your sina account collects articles about programmer stories, and the blog garden account collects technical articles, one day, you can use a blog backup expert to merge these two blogs into your own WordPress blog.

5. Export the backup blog to CHM, PDF, or TXT for browsing on mobile devices.

6. Generate a local static Web page for offline browsing (this function is mainly provided to friends who cannot access the Internet (such as Huawei or Neusoft ).


The following are the software

Here is the help document

You are welcome to give your valuable suggestions to help the author improve the software.

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