Share an exhibition to show the company's website construction production and development program!

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Nowadays, the exhibition industry is becoming more and more regular, professional and brand-oriented, and the coastal developed area and the western Inland Area show the difference. The development of China's exhibition industry will depend to a large extent on the rapid development of China's economy, the depth and breadth of China's opening-up, the speed of Chinese and world technology development, and the integration of China's participation in the global economic globalization process. Since China joined the century Trade Organization, the domestic economy will usher in a great development period, which will bring new prosperity to China's international exhibition industry.

The exhibition will be re-integrated, further into the market, the emergence of more brands. Only the brand exhibition can promote the urban economic development, the change of the exhibition is complex, some of the exhibition in the competition to grow and develop, some in the competition disappeared, but also some in the competition merge renaming, Rise and fall, changeable, but the overall is to large-scale, professional development. In the future, the degree of openness to the outside world is higher, and the intensity of international integration is greater, which requires the exhibition practitioners not only to have a higher enthusiasm for work, but also to be familiar with the modern international exhibition business and to participate more in international competition and cooperation.

Next, we're going straight to the point! So, exhibition Enterprises should create a corporate image of the official website to carry out internet marketing it? Below, it studio founder Victoria Wang son oneself according to many years of Internet veteran experience, for everyone to share an exhibition display company website construction Development Plan!

One, competitor website analysis

Generally at the beginning, we are involved in the construction of the site before, you can go to search engine Peer exhibition display Enterprise official website, such as: View competitor website keywords ranking, IP access, website domain name length of time, view Baidu weight br value and Google's PR value, site snapshot update time, site included total page, Information such as the number of external propaganda information, if necessary, you can do a little harder to do a competitive analysis of the statistics table, to know which competitor sites do a good job? And for what good? Where the hell is it? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these sites, can learn from each other, tailor-made to belong to their own corporate characteristics of the marketing site.

Second, determine the exhibition display industry website positioning

This can actually be said to be a site vision, such as your company's website to which direction, the development of space, what is expected to be audience, how many, after all, we can only rely on their own expertise with peer enterprises to compete, only we know or expertise, to truly determine the real needs of customers, In order to provide customers with truly valuable things, to attract customers with in-depth understanding, online consultation, or even appointment to visit, only such a site is easy to succeed.

Third, clear the Site structure column

Here to share an exhibition to show the company's commonly used site structure column, note: This site structure for reference only, please enterprises according to their own actual situation to be deleted.

(1) Company profile: used to introduce the company's history, culture, background and other information display, can add column content such as: corporate culture, development process, Certificate of Honor, social responsibility, customer evaluation;

(2) Company team: used to introduce the company team information display;

(3) Service flow: For the company business Service flow presentation;

(4) Industry case: for publishing furniture fabric, building materials, photoelectric lighting, environmental protection water, food gifts, chemical coatings, audio and video, hotel supplies, electronic products, such as case display, illustrated;

(5) Dynamic Center: Used for publishing the latest news, company news, corporate video news, exhibiting knowledge, exhibition information, frequently asked questions and other information;

(6) Partners: For the presentation of important partner information, the logo icon of the partner can be displayed;

(7) Recruitment: To publish the latest talent recruitment information display;

(8) Feedback: Mainly for the collection of customer feedback information, you can directly fill in the online advisory feedback information;

(9) Contact us: used to display the company's contact information, the company's location map, etc.

(10) Online customer service: Through the website online customer service Consulting software, fully realize the site visitors and customer service between the instant communication (IM), and the site's online sales, real-time customer service and site management functions together to better serve customers;

(11) Sitemap: Provide the most convenient navigation services, one-click to reach the users want to service.

The above is Victoria Wang I share an exhibition display company website construction and Development program! Because of their own web site design has been seven or eight years, so naturally aware of the site pre-construction planning for enterprises to build the importance of the station. Since you came here, after reading the article I share, it is a kind of fate, but also a kind of predestination. If that is not good, you are welcome to shoot bricks and correct, there are any problems in the construction of the station, you can communicate with Victoria Wang to discuss, although the practice of 7 years, but do not forget beginner's mind, has always believed that the more efforts the more fortunate this sentence, and I also like to make friends from all walks of life, thank you!

If you are still interested, you can find me before I wrote an article, "Victoria Wang: Careful to fall into some low-cost web site Construction Outsourcing Services Trap", so that you reduce the number of companies built by the company 70% Chance, you can make a clearer understanding of the construction station industry.

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Article Source: Victoria Wang Web Design Blog Welcome to share communication, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

Share an exhibition to show the company's website construction production and development program!

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