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Recently, due to unemployment, I think too much. I have many ideas during this period. Remember them today. Today's topic is "sharing experiences to benefit more people ". Looking for a job hits the wall and finds that the knowledge learned in the past few years is derailed. Enterprise employers require graduates to have certain conflicts between their work skills and the actual situation. The pursuit of the university over the past four years is quite different from that of society. After the interview, the mentality has changed, and the lack of experience has caused the employer to ignore it. Looking back to several interviews, the first interviewer asked me: "What are your advantages in computer science and art majors ?", What am I doing at that time? The answer is incoherent. In the second interview, "Which one should I choose for my job ?" I don't know which one to choose, but I think that the social division of labor is so detailed. Naturally, there is a reason for its existence. The third interview: two hours to make a football game, and the fourth interview: "What is the design model? Will you make components? What is the paging component? Let's assume that one hundred small balls collide in space, and how do you simulate the energy loss of one hundred small ball collisions? "at that time, I went crazy, and the abnormal interviewer did not give a chance at all. Let's go back. I didn't teach any interview experience. After all, I just graduated from college for a few days. To be honest, I haven't met a person who guides me any way over the past four years. Some of my classmates met some amazing senior brothers and sisters. At that time, at least a lot of detours were avoided. The road was originally when people came out, and when there were too many people, it became the road.

To be honest, computers do not look at famous universities. After years of social competition, elementary schools can easily beat many undergraduate majors. Many technologies are not just mentioned, but actually used to share experiences. I have heard of some of my classmates. He met a master, but he never liked to teach. Perhaps for many reasons and factors, the conjecture at the time was that he was afraid of the spread of technology, and his job was not guaranteed. Some companies are afraid of the loss of talent. After all, the loss of talent is likely to be related to the interests of the entire company and the loss of technology. These situations have always existed. Sharing experiences, I would like to say that experienced people can write out their own ideas and processes. These technical experiences can at least help many people. For the time being, we will not discuss the case of mistaken children. Maybe now finds that you cannot write tutorials as experts. When experts are scolded, it is better to be a scholar. Avoid useless experts like those in Sichuan when a disaster occurs. Experts cannot afford it. Striving to pursue what we have learned, whether it's good experience or bad experience, is at least a process of common growth. Without knowing it, we will find that our ideas will expand. Many times, I have a habit of recording ideas. The idea is sometimes very important. It's a pity that it just went away.

Think about it. If I have technical skills, at least I hope I can share my thoughts. I have some ideas recently. When writing some tutorials, it is very different from writing some ideas. Like the book think in Java. At least there are many examples of books in China, and there are very few principles. This may be the consequence of "teaching without thinking.

"Take a little time to talk about your interests !" (My advertisement)

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