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1. How To Create Cool Effects with Custom Shaders in OpenGL elasticsearch 2.0 and Cocos2D 2.X

The shadow effect is a great leap in computer graphics. Using it allows us to create complete new effects and effectively control the screen. If you want to use the shadow effect, you must read this tutorial.

2. Table View Application in iPhone

In this tutorial, we will learn how to delete and edit tables in the table view.

3. Storyboard app with Core Data

In this tutorial, we will develop a super simple application. We will design the core data layout for main applications and login pages from an empty project. After successful login, a table containing thumbnails and data is displayed. You can add, delete, and use the camera function to take photos of each data entry.

4. KMLViewer

Demonstrate how to use a KML file in a MKMapView. This tutorial shows how to use annotaions and overlay of Mapkit to display KML files in MKMapVIew.

5. How to Integrate the Finite State Machine Compiler With Cocos2D

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use a simple Enemy AI that uses FMS.

6. Appcelerator SDK: Creating iPhone Transitions

The iphone SDK contains various local iphone transition effects that you can use on the iphone. Using the Appcelerator API enables us to perform these transition effects more easily. In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform various transitions and how to use MVC.

7. Design & Build a Small Business App: Custom Detail Views

In this three-part tutorial, we will learn how to design iphone applications for a small business customer. In the last part, we will learn how to create a detailed page to display the company's services.

8. Building an iPhone chat app from the ground up

This article will introduce the entire iphone chat Application Development Process

9. How To Create A Simple 2D iPhone Game with OpenGL ES 2.0 and GLKit Part 1

In this tutorial series we're re going to take the simple 2D "pew-pew ninja" game from our beginner Cocos2D tutorial and implement it completely in OpenGL ES 2.0, with GLKit!

In this tutorial, We will select a simple 2D "pew-pew ninja" game in the Cocos2D tutorial, and then re-use openGL ES2.0 for implementation.

10. Creating a RSS Feed Reader

Learning to develop an RSS reader is a good way to learn how to develop an iphone. In this tutorial, we will create an RSS reader and play podcast. This application requires downloading and parsing the RSS feed and displaying data in the table or playing a remote podcast. In this article, I assume that you know some cocoa development knowledge, but if not, you can easily understand the development code and process.

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