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Domestic enterprises in the process of information construction often spend heavily to buy CRM products. However, good intentions do not mean good returns. We find that many enterprises have not achieved the ideal result after implementing CRM system. The main reasons are: The system is not stable enough, the integration is not good enough, the operation is too cumbersome, and put a lot of capital and manpower, the benefits are not obvious.

NetSuite CRM in the United States is a customer relationship management that can effectively address these issues. NetSuite CRM not only powerful, easy to operate, but also to achieve a high degree of integration inside and outside the system, in the data operation is extremely stable, and the implementation of low cost, can be implemented quickly.

NetSuite CRM system Features:

NetSuite CRM uses an advanced SaaS model, namely software as a service. Save a lot of upfront investment, can quickly realize the application of software through the Internet.

On-demand on-demand solutions allow enterprises to choose the required functional modules according to their own characteristics, for some users can not use the function modules freely choose to give up, thus saving unnecessary capital investment.

NetSuite CRM has outstanding performance in the areas of automation sales, automation marketing, customer support and services, partnership management, product tools, and much more. With automated sales as an example, the NetSuite CRM Automated sales feature allows you to better manage all leads and leads from the first time you get a lead to the end of the sales period. including automatic order processing and regional management, lead scheduling and opportunity management, quota and commission management, forecasting and quota management, offline sales staff client system and other functions. This is done automatically, generating quotes or orders as simple as clicking a button.

The high degree of integration is also an important reason for NetSuite CRM to be favored. As a modern enterprise, when deploying CRM, it is necessary to take into account the integration between CRM and other management systems, such as finance and logistics. NetSuite CRM is a very good performance in this respect. NetSuite CRM, financial ERP and e-commerce are seamlessly integrated in the NetSuite system platform, the data can be used by various departments of the enterprise.

NetSuite entered China, with the domestic authorized partner trigger networks Trig cooperation, focus on providing domestic enterprises with local requirements of the NetSuite solution services. Trigger Networks as the first company to provide NetSuite localization implementation services, has a wealth of implementation experience, can be targeted at different industries, different sizes of customers, different customization needs, efficient completion of projects, and promote business process improvement.

NetSuite CRM Case:

A well-known domestic enterprise through the implementation of the NetSuite CRM system after the market competitiveness has been greatly improved, the benefits are considerable. What benefits do you get?

Customer Benefits

1, can clearly see in the system sales, service and marketing performance

2. Streamline the quote to order process

3, a full range of customer information display, real-time understanding of your customers

4. Improve sales performance through forecast, Upsell and Commission management

5. Promote collaboration with partners

6, improve customer service efficiency, reduce case processing time

7, with a unified global CRM system, can manage the performance of multinational branch offices at the same time

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Sales force automation

Manage sales opportunities, optimize sales process, and improve sales performance through sales forecasts, commission management, and upsell management tools.

Perfect customer service Management

The service level is promoted through perfect case management, case classification, knowledge management and Customer self-service.

Improving partnerships

Use PRM to improve collaboration with partners, organize campaigns, co-manage potential customers, manage commissions and order processes.

Support for mobile devices

Fully support mobile devices such as Iphone,ipad,blackberry or Windows Mobile to ensure your employees have access to NetSuite anytime, anywhere.

CRM Analysis and reporting

Access to sales, marketing and customer service information to help you monitor, optimise your performance, and get a clear picture of your overall business operations.

Today, NetSuite CRM has come to China, domestic enterprises can finally enjoy the NetSuite brought by the professional CRM solution. It means that domestic enterprises have more and better choices in system evaluation, which is undoubtedly a good news.

Share NetSuite CRM successful implementation case!

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