Share NetSuite ERP Free test after the changes brought to the apparel business!

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China now has a large and small garment enterprises hundreds of thousands of, the industry competition is very fierce, economic globalization, to the garment enterprises to bring unlimited business opportunities at the same time also give their production capacity to bring enormous challenges. However, many apparel enterprises in the face of these challenges encountered a lot of problems, they can not deal with, thus greatly restricting the development of enterprises.

According to statistics, in China's clothing enterprises are generally used in the financial software and CAD software, very few can be used to efficiently apply the ERP system to the entire enterprise, the majority of enterprises using the ERP system effect is not obvious, can successfully implement ERP system is very few.

Here are some of the reasons for this:

1, the system of high demand for industry. Different industries have their own special requirements for ERP systems, and it is not feasible to use the same set of standard ERP systems for all industries. Therefore, the ERP supplier has the ability to formulate corresponding function modules according to the characteristics of the apparel industry, so as to give a suitable solution for the garment industry.

2, the system flexibility requires high. Because the life cycle of the clothing product is very short, the ERP system is adjusted every two or three weeks to adapt to the product changes, most of the domestic ERP system still do not have this point.

3, unstable market. Apparel sales are unstable and seasonal, and are prone to inventory backlogs once they are not in line with market tastes. This kind of instability makes the implementation of ERP in garment enterprise become more complicated and difficult.

4, outdated management mode. Most apparel enterprises, management mode is too traditional, and ERP system brings advanced management standards, only in the Advanced management mode to play its due effect. Therefore, the management of the enterprise needs to adjust its own management model.

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The application of ERP system can help garment enterprises realize comprehensive information management. As the world's leading software as a service (SaaS) solution, NetSuite ERP is able to systematically manage all business and financial data across the enterprise. The apparel industry can make full use of ERP system to realize the management of the whole production and supply chain of the enterprise.

With NetSuite ERP, the enterprise will be able to:

1, to solve the clothing model number, fabric, color, size four-dimensional factors of the document, reporting difficulties.

2, solve the complex process management problems of clothing

3. Solve the problem of fast entry and automatic generation of apparel BOM

4, solve the problem of garment production ticket, piecework

5. Solve the problem of cutting bed management in key garment process

6, to solve the problem of clothing material control

7. Solve the bottleneck problem of garment ERP work order Schedule

8, to solve the garment orders, production, work orders, multi-link tracking problems

9, to solve the garment packing, according to the box out of storage problems

10, solve the clothing classification cost packing and matching accounting problems

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At the same time NetSuite domestic licensees trigger networks for the domestic market environment and the development of industry solutions, can help apparel enterprises to reduce inventory, improve capital utilization and control business risk, control product production costs, shorten product production cycle, improve product quality and pass rate To reduce the amount of financial bad debts and debts.

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Share NetSuite ERP Free test after the changes brought to the apparel business!

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