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What we are sharing today is the Softek company's Barcode Identification Development Toolkit Barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows. As for the company, I only know that it is focused on barcode reading technology. Because the focus is so professional, we can go to the end of the text address to learn more. I can only introduce it briefly.

Barcode Reader Toolkit This Barcode Development Kit (SDK) enables your application to extract barcode information from images. The product fully supports x86 and x64 systems, and APIs are available to support. NET, Java, COM, OCX, and Windows DLLs. A large number of one-and two-dimensional barcodes are supported, and files can be separated by the location of barcodes.

Features Overview

    • Fast detection of one-and two-dimensional barcodes

    • API supports NET, Java, COM, OCX and Windows DLLs

    • Provide sample projects for Visual Studio, Delphi & Real Studio

    • Support for authorization assignments

    • Read multiple barcodes in various directions

    • Support for all major development environments

    • Each bar code returns the number, value, type, and location

    • Include demo application

    • Supports color or black and white images

    • Support for 64-bit DLL files

    • Support for Multithreaded applications

    • Built-in professional image filter, enhanced barcode recognition rate

    • Optimize Barcode search Area

    • Adjusting performance parameters

    • Separating documents based on barcode location

    • Support for PDF Expansion packs


    • Supported operating systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows $, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server, Windows, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windo WS XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

    • Supported one-dimensional code types: Codabar, code, Code, Code, code, EAN 8, EAN, Patch, UPC A, UPC E, GS1 Databar

    • Supported two-dimensional code types: PDF-417, micro-pdf-417, Datamatrix (ECC-200)

    • Supported image formats: TIF (single or multi-page), JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, BITMAP, DIB (PDF can be implemented via PDF extension package)

    • Supported development platforms: VB, Delphi, Borland C + +, VC + +, all versions of Visual Studio, all versions of the. Net Framework

    • Full support for x86 and x64 systems

Learn more about Barcode Reader Toolkit:

Share: High-speed read Identification Barcode developer Kit--barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows

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