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For graduates of computer-related majors, the graduation thesis is really a particularly troubling thing, of course, except genius ...
Bishi, Programming ... Often think of here! Do you really want to explode in situ?!
Don't be anxious to look down--confirm the eyes, you are the person I want to help!

Here is a quick way to complete the graduation design (absolute hands-on practice Oh!) )

As a computer professional senior slag, each time the project is "hug thigh", near graduation, "thigh" are all their own, graduation thesis can only one person carry! The results of the discovery of the university four years of learning things are back to the teacher, the code can not knock a few lines, not to mention the completion of the set!

Helpless can only ask for a treasure, be lucky to find the generation to write. The result found that the price of a higher than a high, really not my poor students can bear it. This is really hate ah, did not study hard. Confused, only in a treasure search Ah search, the result really received the Savior (Tears Run AH), accidental a chance to find a can support drag and drop programming Development Board, drag and drop programming ah, really code blind Savior Ah!

Tool article (really is super good thing, lazy code of the classmate look over)

1. Tpyboard Development Board

Development Board I use is TPYBoardv102, can write the Python language Development Board, coincides with the professional course, for me to learn the dregs of this board is relatively easy to get started. Preferred it does not require any compilation tool, the board to plug into the computer will display a drive letter, you can directly compile the running program. Inside also encapsulated a lot of class library, such as serial port, UART, SPI, etc., are ready-made, use more convenient, directly call on it! Look at the picture below:

2. Python Editor Online Code Editor

The most important thing is that the TPYBoardv102 Development Board can be pythoneditor with his home's online programming tool for drag-and-drop programming! For me who doesn't write code and doesn't want to write code, it's really like a spring in the desert! Drag-and-drop programming, code programming synchronization, really is the gospel has wood!

Online Programming URL: www.tpyboard.com/pythoneditor

Use steps: (Brief introduction, interested students can go to the official website to see, are free of the DA)

(1) Through the Python editor plug-in programming tool to get the plug-in program, as shown, click to download the "main.py" program file.

(2) Copy the downloaded "main.py" program to the corresponding computer letter "Tpflash" of TPYBoardv102

(3) Wait for the storage is finished, the red light on the board is off, you can run the program through the Putty software or use the on-board RST reset button (not recommended) to run the program.

Tutorials (Pretty important one)

For me and so on, the tutorial is really very important to a lie, Qiao is tpyboard really is to provide a very rich and more important is particularly suitable for beginners tutorial material, and all free! I see from the first tutorial to the final completion of the graduation design with a period of months, for the Bishi time enough, important point, really is their own independent completion, the achievement is full of not say, self-confidence is also burst the shed has wood!

Online learning website: www.tpyboard.com
Tutorial site: docs.tpyboard.com
Take It away!

Actual Combat (DIY voice-activated night Light)

The graduation thesis is too long to dwell on! Let's show you the first small instance I used in the programming of the Plug and Play, don't be too low ha!

1, experimental equipment (these tutorials are available, can also be bought in a tpyboard mall, related software can be downloaded on the site)

Store Address: turnipsmart.taobao.com
Software: old.tpyboard.com

TPYBOARDV102 Development Board
Python Editor Online

USB Data Cable
Putty Software
notepad++ Software
Sound Sensor Module One
DuPont Line several
1 Sheets of bread
Light Emitting Diode One
Sound sensor:

A sound sensor acts as a microphone (microphone). This sensor class of components, hardware professional students are certainly not unfamiliar, about the working principle, online information is a lot, not nagging!

Wiring diagram:

Next is the wiring, that is, the sound sensor with the TPYBoardv102 Development Board connection, this will not be able to refer to the students Tpyboard the official website of the tutorial, more detailed.

Basic program logic: (not fully understood before, see the tutorial will soon understand)

In an infinite loop, the constant reading of the level value of the X1 pin connected to the sound sensor, judged to be low, indicates that the intensity of the sound has reached the threshold, and then lit the light-emitting diode, which is extinguished after a delay of 3 seconds.

Plug-in demo (heavy-weight ha):

Although the Python editor does not need to knock on the code, it still needs a certain logical basis to quickly plug in. Although I am very slag, but the basic logic still understand a little, so plug it up quickly get started!

In order to show clearly, just the code part of the plug-in, really just a few logical drag, and the code part will be synchronized to the right code editing area, very very very convenient and fast.
Here is the auto-generated code section, you use notepad++ to manually enter the code, try:

 from Import *= pin ('X1'= Pin ('X2' ) , Pin.out_pp,pin.pull_none)  while True:   if  not x1.value ():    led.high ()    delay(+)    Led.low ()

Download the program to the Development Board, run, make a sound or tap the table to see if the light will light up.

Well, the code has so many words hands are tired, cough cough ... Write so much just to recommend to everyone a programming tool, drag and drop programming, code programming at the same time, you can learn a lot of small programs, small cases, can also make very beautiful graduation design, and even do industrial applications are can ha!

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