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Extension Manager

Visual Studio 2010 has a new Extension Manager feature that you can use to add, remove, enable, and disable Visual Studio extensions. We can install extensions from the Visual Studio Gallery Web site, which are typically VSIX package formats, including project templates, item templates, toolbox items, Managed Extensions framework (MEF) components, and VSPackage. Installed in the Visual Studio installation folder \common7\ide\extensions\company\product\version\ folder.

Share some of the very awesome extensions I'm using in this post.

Visual Studio-Pro Power Tools

This extension tool Scott Hanselman (the best visual Studio Productivity power Tools, Power Commands and Extensions) and ScottGu (Visual Studio Productivity Power Tool Extensions) Two of the cattle have been recommended in the blog, after the two Daniel's recommendation, I would certainly like to share here.

Visual Studio-Pro Power Tools offers the following excellent features:

Document TAB Enhancements

We can configure the document tab settings via the Tools menu options, Environment:

    • The tab provides three ways to display the scrollable, Vertical, and pained UI.
    • Provides a least recently used (LRU) algorithm to remove tabs and display fixed tab functionality in specific rows \ Columns.
    • You can sort the tabs by item or alphabetically.
    • The tab UI can configure colors based on its item or regular expression, and if the current options file is modified, the tab UI also provides a style.

Document tab enhancements You can also refer to the documents well Plus for details.

Searchable Add Reference dialog box

Faster and easier to find project references for you. As ever, right-click the References node in Solution Explorer and select the Add Reference command to view the Update Add Reference dialog box.

This new Reference dialog box shows you the full assembly name. The tick shows which assemblies have been referenced, and the sidebar shows the details of the selected DLLs. Since it caches the list of assemblies, it can be very quick to open the dialog box later. There is also a quick search feature that says we have the Add Reference dialog box that satisfies everyone's expectations.

Highlight when moving forward

Highlight the current mouse row, we can also use the tool in the font and color options "Current line (Extended section)" Configuration by changing the default color settings.

Go to Definition

Go to definition by pressing CTRL + click, but vs has provided the F12 shortcut key go To definition early, but I don't want to have CTRL + click Handy.

Column Guidelines

Put the cursor in the corresponding column and select Add Guide from the context menu. This allows us to provide a reference line.

The same action is also removed:

Other enhancements include the following:

    • Fixed mixed tabs: prompting developers to fix code files that mix tabs and spaces
    • HTML copy: Copy code in HTML format, this extension provides support for editor's code HTML format. We can copy the VS code snippet directly when we write a blog. But I do not feel very good, because a lot more space HTML.
    • Alignment: Code on both sides of the = number alignment
    • Up/Down Move line command: Alt+up and Alt+down move the selected line of code or by editing the current line up or down.
Powercommands for Visual Studio 2010

This extension provides a wealth of extended commands, such as copying, pasting project references, opening files folder, opening a command prompt, shrinking items, right-clicking on their directories, editing project projects, clearing recent files and list of items and so on, specifically, refer to here. We can find powercommands enabled or Disabled in the Options dialog box of the Tools menu.

Visual Studio Color Theme Editor

This extension provides editing of the entire color style for visual Studio 2010, which provides 8 styles by default, and we can also customize its color style, as you can see here.

Image Insertion

This extension is very cool, in our code to insert the image directly, we use the image to visualize the logic of the code to show the next time the image is directly visible at a glance.

Well, for the time being, let's share other extensions.

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Share some of the most useful Visual Studio extensions

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