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1, Baidu's integration of mobile bidding market

Baidu Mobile Promotion is Baidu bidding launched a very important new product, but mobile promotion and search promotion is still a certain degree of difference; and with the expansion of mobile internet market, mobile bidding will inevitably become a powerful weapon in the future market competition, how to use Baidu Mobile promotion has become crucial.

Baidu Mobile Promotion is divided into search and promotion and mobile Network Alliance promotion Two aspects, similar to the PC-side search and Network Alliance relationship. Recently, Baidu bid promotion, PC equipment and mobile devices have been integrated, the default mobile terminal and PC terminal shared promotional materials, the default two must be open at the same time, because a large number of Internet users began to move to mobile terminal, Baidu this practice starting point, is to give Phoenix Nest to promote users to bring more traffic.

2, mobile search behavior analysis

Advertising circle through the Baidu auction mobile terminal long-term observation, that mobile Baidu bidding mobile terminal promotion effect is not ideal, browsing time fragmentation: Although the use of mobile terminal is more and more high, but careful observation will find that users use mobile terminal browsing behavior is fragmented state.

Most of the users, using mobile terminals are on the bus, subway, or travel time. Domestic traffic costs are among the highest in the world. Many companies in the auction account of the advertising page, the use of a large number of images to ensure the visual impact of the advertising page. The layout of mobile terminal is limited, product information is difficult to be fully displayed, advertising page marketing effect potential Baidu will be discounted. The biggest disadvantage of mobile terminal is that the input experience is inferior to PC terminal.

Therefore, mobile bidding is more necessary to combine the characteristics of mobile to adjust. Mobile Internet convenience, random strong, is the future mobile Internet indispensable channel!

3, the advantages of mobile bidding

For mobile bidding, we can find potential consumers through the delivery strategy and the choice of key words. With the help of Baidu's built-in tools, the website is designed to promote the mobile device and provide a better browsing experience for consumers. At the same time, through a variety of interactive ways to allow consumers to contact us for the first time, improve the conversion rate of delivery. Finally, we can also evaluate the effect of delivery based on detailed data service tracking and optimization.

Mobile search bidding has at least several advantages: reducing the barriers to communication and improving conversion efficiency.

1, direct phone: Consumers can directly call the search results in the telephone and business owners contact

2,app Download: Download the owner's app directly from the search results page

3, wireless Trail: We can segment the product category, in the form of multi-strand display in search results, guide consumers

4, online consultation: Wireless business Bridge to meet the needs of consumers to communicate directly with entrepreneurs online

5, based on real data, statistical evaluation of the effectiveness of the delivery

4, how to do a mobile SEM bidding?

Through the above analysis, we think that SEM mobile bidding will become more and more important with the development of mobile Internet, which need to arouse our concern.

Summarizing the mobile bidding, we think we need to optimize from the following aspects:

1, account optimization, this can refer to the PC-side bidding technology and experience, is completely portable in the past;

2, website optimization, we must do a mobile client site, enhance the customer experience, focus on optimizing the key content to streamline the purchase process. Reduce the complexity of payment steps in the process of placing orders with customers; Keep the page code clean and concise as much as possible to increase the speed of the customer's connection to the page.

3, Customer service system optimization, it is recommended that you keep the phone open, using professional business communication and so on-line customer service system;

4, data analysis and optimization, mining high conversion rate of keywords, control the return on investment.

5. Matters of special attention

It is important to note that because of the current variety of mobile devices, and the size of the various screen, but how to change, there is no way to compare with the size of the computer screen, at least in the present there is no way to compare, perhaps one day, portable screen appears, or the appearance of a paper screen, The ability to change the small screen of mobile devices!

Due to the limitations of the mobile device screen size, the single content is relatively small. This requires in mobile search, the appearance of the ad content is shorter, more sophisticated, mobile search also pay attention to user experience, it is not possible to single content on the display of advertising content, so in the mobile search to do bidding ads, should be refined advertising content, will be more reasonable keyword settings, to attract more users attention!

Advertising circles think that while the mobile Internet is a fast-paced, for spot ads, if the contact method is not straightforward, users do not have time to search for your contact method on the mobile internet. This is more demanding than the traditional internet.

In addition, mobile search users are mainly smart phone users, so in the contact method, it is best to reflect the way the phone, do not just leave a WAP site address, so that users can directly contact by phone!

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