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Many units have formed a local area network, open to share. Although there are many can chat on the LAN tools, but one use inconvenient, and then easy to be found by the boss. To this end, today's small series to introduce a way to share a workbook, you can use Excel to chat.

Step One: Open Excel, create a new workbook document, and name it to save (such as "work record. xls").

Step two: Execute tools → shared workbook, open the Shared Workbook dialog box, select the Allow multiple users to edit simultaneously, and Allow workbook merge option, and make sure to return.

Step Three: Save the workbook document in a shared folder on a computer on your local area network.

Fourth step: Users in the local area network open the above workbook at the same time, we agreed to input the cell location (such as a user in a column input, b column input time; b users in C column input content, D column input time ...).

Fifth step: Select the appropriate cell (such as A1), the chat content into which, and then select B1 cell, press the "ctrl+shift+;" Enter the system current time by combining keys. (Small tip: Press "CTRL +;" The key combination is the system current date.

Sixth step: Click the "Save" button on the toolbar to save the input above, the other side just click the "Save" button, you can see the above input content.

Step seventh: If the boss comes, switch to "working status" by switching to a different worksheet (such as Sheet2) (you can enter some work-related content in advance). It's both convenient and safe.

Tips: Improve efficiency, many people at the same time input an Excel file

This application mainly uses the Excel "allows multiple users to edit simultaneously, while allowing workbook merging" function, in the actual work, can be used for many people to input an Excel form, Excel will automatically keep the information constantly updated. For example: There are a, B, C, D four users to work together to complete the 2005.xls file entry, first open the file, and click on the operation of the above check "allow multiple users to edit simultaneously, while allowing workbook merge", and finally click "file → Save as", save it in E computer D disk. The next four users can enter the

in this file at the same time.

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