Shared Access Report "No permissions" workaround

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Access Report No permission resolution:

1. Set the password for the local administrator account.

2. Set Network access mode to Classic mode.

3. Set up user accounts that allow access to the computer from the network (join the Guest group).

4. Set up user accounts that prohibit access to the computer from the network (delete the guest group).

To set the method:


Run gpedit.msc-->

Computer Configuration-->

Windows Settings-->

Security Settings (-->)

Local Policy (Policies)-->

1.: User Rights Assignment (username Rights Assignment)--> Access this computer from the network (Access this computer from the network)--> add the Guest group.

2.: User Rights Assignment (username Rights Assignment)--> denies accessing this computer from the network (Deny access to this computer from the network)--> deletes the guest group.

3.: Security options--> Network access: Shared and secure mode for the local account (network access:sharing and security model-for locally accounts)--> Change to Classic mode.

If you completely follow the above method, please run regedit, to:

Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrollsa This Kang value RestrictAnonymous set to 0.

Put: The value of Restrictanonymoussam also changed to 0 bar.

Here is the description:

1, RestrictAnonymous registered in the control of any user to obtain the level of local information settings, if the RestrictAnonymous is set to 0 (the default), any user can obtain the local information through the network, including user name, detailed account policy and share name. This information can be exploited by attackers when attacking a computer. With this information, it is possible for an attacker to learn about the current computer's system administrator account, the path to the network share, and the less robust password. The method for modifying this security level is as follows: Run Regedit.exe edit the registry and navigate to the value of this Kang on the Zijian Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrollsa RestrictAnonymous is modified by an unsafe 0 value to a security level of some value 1 or 2. Note: This security level, if raised, may cause the computer to be inaccessible within the local area network.

2. When the NetBIOS settings in wins in the TIP/IP Advanced option are disabled, the LAN cannot be accessed.

3, if the shock wave virus will not be able to access to the local area network.

4, if the IP is not set to fixed IP, LAN function will be limited.

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