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Now a lot of people are sharing routers, if not very familiar with each other (perhaps acquaintances better hands). Many people do not understand the router, you may think that the broadband suddenly broken or the speed of the network suddenly did not give force. And forget that this is the router inside the settings have been changed, restricting your internet speed.


  Problems caused by the broadband speed-limiting function of routers

The speed of instant change is very bad, or directly solve no network, but this time you use 360 security guards and other software query questions, certainly can not find out, because your computer still has a network, but the speed becomes 1K (here is the speed limit your person set up). Of course, if the better will give you 100K or so you can also on QQ.


The problem my friend was having.

My friend is on the internet to find a suite to rent, one night chatting with him QQ, suddenly he dropped the QQ line, I did not care too much. It was only later that he hit the computer and told me that his computer was suddenly out of the net, but there was no such thing as not being able to surf the internet, because the 360 security guards showed that they were connected, and then he checked the router himself and found no problem. But his QQ can not, online watching TV plays can not see.


The problems mentioned above are due to the broadband control in your router that limits your IP speed to very small, such as 1K, 100K.

This must be your router. Someone is playing a game or something, so you watch TV plays account for too much of the speed, the speed of your limit off. So he can play, not cards and stuff.

Solution: First to the local connection to find their own computer IP, and then in the router's broadband control function inside the hook to remove, or find their own IP to the maximum speed of the line.

This is the knowledge you have to learn about sharing routers . This function is still more useful, but if you are not talking to people when the direct speed limit, I do not recommend, because this will affect others, but also others are doing important things. And knowing this you can also prevent others from idling your speed.

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