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SharePoint 2010 URL shortener -- SharePoint 2010 short URL Builder project description this project has added this feature, you can generate short URLs on the SP website. These URLs point to lists or documents. For example, http: // Smallville-PC/URL/nnefhmo.
This project allows users to create short URLs pointing to documents or lists/libraries, so that they can easily share them.
WSP (credit-free) SharePoint 2010 short URL Generator
For deployment methods, refer to deployment, recovery, and deletion solutions ---- stsadm and powershell
Method 1. After the activation function is deployed, enter a document library (for example ). Select a document and click the arrow that appears. Select generate short URL.

2. The modal dialog box is displayed. PS: You can customize the final short code here, or use the automatically generated xyvxdkt. Modify Smallville.

This is the case after modification.

The font prompt of the green background. This short URL is available. Click create.
3. Created successfully.

4. Open the URL in the browser.

In IE.

It is found that the copy is directly downloaded. This makes it much easier to share data quickly and ensures data security.

5. When you click Generate short URL again, the following message is displayed:

6. You already have an available URL. Here you can click Delete to delete it.

The original URL is no longer available.

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