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Administrators and developers in SharePoint 2010 may be familiar with SharePoint Developer Dashboard (developer Dashboards). The tool has been widely rewritten in SharePoint 2013 and has become increasingly available in your troubleshooting (troubleshooting) Toolkit. Developer Dashboard of SharePoint 2013 has greatly improved the 2010 version to address some of the performance issues. And it has a separate form to display all the information you want. When you run Developer Dashboard, the new form that pops up is loaded on the/_layouts/15/devdash.aspx page.

Enable Developer Dashboard

SharePoint 2013 Developer Dashboard cannot be activated in SharePoint Central Administration. So the best way to do this is to use PowerShell, so in order to use developer Dashboard, open the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and enter the following command:

If you want to disable Dashboard after the end of use, just $devdash the previous command. Displaylevel= "On" is replaced with $devdash. Displaylevel= "Off" can be.

SharePoint 2013 Developer Dashboard relies on the usage and Health Data Collection Service application. If this Service is not created, please create and make sure that he is running, in order to demonstrate, I have previously deleted the existing usage and Health Data Collection Service application, detailed PowerShell The command line looks like this:

When developer Dashboard is successfully enabled, an icon is added to the upper-right corner of the SharePoint page, like a "medical device," as shown in the following illustration:

Developer Dashboard is not displayed to all users and is displayed only to users with Addandcustomizepages Permissions level permissions. This makes sense because there is no need to show this button to users who don't care about the page. Because only users with specific permissions can see it. However, don't forget that users in SharePoint are often elevated to various permissions, so they will see this button. So to avoid confusing these users with this icon, the best way is to activate developer Dashboard only when troubleshooting.

The variable developer Dashboard Permission

In some scenarios, the default developer Dashboard Permission (addandcustomizepages) may have permissions that are too high or too low. Of course, you can change it, too. For example, use the following PowerShell command to enable everyone to see developer Dashboard:

Now, for all users, whether he or she has permission to this website, they will be able to see developer Dashboard Icon. However, it is noteworthy that Developer Dashboard provides a great deal of information, if poorly written Web Parts or controls may expose the backend user name and password. Therefore, the best practice is to not expose developer dashboard to any user (enabled only when troubleshooting).

Using developer Dashboard to realize trouble shooting

When you open developer Dashboard you may notice that most of the fields are empty. Only one URL in the Requests tab can be used to be parsed. Loading or reloading SharePoint Pages,url after Dashboard is opened will appear in the Request tab. Clicking on these available URLs will display a large amount of information, as shown in the following illustration:

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