Sharing of open-source Android projects and open-source android Projects

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Sharing of open-source Android projects and open-source android Projects

Android PDF Reader

Accounting tools OnMyMeans
Android Battery monitoring Android Dog
RSS reader Android RSS
Android PDF Reader DroidReader
Android Scripting Environment
Android games Android Shapes
Android json rpc
Android VNC
Meizu M8 Android transplantation M8 Android
Android game Amazed
HelloWorld goes mobile for Android
Mobile chat app Android jChat
GPS track recording MyTracks for Android
Android chess game Honzovy achy
Android travel recording software AndTripLog
Music player Ambient
Android client K9mail
Multi-platform application development library QuickConnect
GPhone Air Combat Game
Android photo mini software Panoramio
Android games DivideAndConquer
Android global time AndroidGlobalTime
Android 2D game engine Android Angle
Android Ruby
SMS application of Android Ecclesia
JXTA client Peerdroid on Android platform
Android game engine libgdx
Android photos small software Photostream
Alien3d logo Android 3D Game Engine Alien3d
Winamp Remote Android Server
Android Facebook client Andrico
Android Applications Manager
Java 3D graphics engine Catcake
Jiugongge Sudoku game OpenSudoku
Android ringtone extension tool RingsExtended
JavaEye Android client
Android games Clickin2DaBeat
TCM doctor Assistant Information System zz-doctor Co.,
Facebook Connect for Android
Android SMSPopup
FreeTTS-Android client Foursquar

Barcode Scanner Android pc_cr

Android sipdroid mobile phone network phone

For android open-source projects, if you want to join an open-source project to learn and train yourself

You can do it ,,,
How to determine the security and stability of open-source projects for android

Why do most server systems on the market use open-source Linux? Instead of Windows with closed source code?
As an open-source system that requires extremely high security and stability, it makes sense. One of the most important aspects is:
Open-source code can be supervised and tested by more people, and system vulnerabilities can be solved more quickly.
There are still many other reasons, but it is undeniable that large open-source projects such as Linux and android are not concerned about their security and stability due to the attention and participation of software working groups around the world.
PS: in fact, the android Project is a feature of Linux.

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