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Top 10 open source ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have now become necessities for various organizations and enterprises, enterprise information data standardization, integration of system operation, rationalization of business processes, dynamic performance monitoring, and continuous management can be easily implemented.

This article will introduce you to 10 top-level open-source ERP software, which can be downloaded online for free.

1. openerp

When it comes to open-source ERP software, openerp is the undisputed heavyweight champion. Openerp was originally designed to provide open-source alternative products for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and other commercial ERP software.

Openerp functions cover finance management, procurement/sales management, inventory management, MRP, CRM, human resource management, point of sale management, project management, and many other aspects.

Openerp is developed using Python and the database uses open source PostgreSQL. Its core and all modules are open source code and the gnu gpl open source protocol is used. You can freely use, modify, and publish it, as long as you guarantee it is open source.


2. openbravo

Openbravo ERP is a Web-based scalable ERP system suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The functions of this ERP system can achieve production management, warehouse management, sales management, and financial management. Built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Bi (Business Intelligence ).


3. Apache OFBiz

OFBiz is a top-level open-source project of Apache. It provides the creation of the latest javaee/XML specifications and technical standards, build a multi-layer, distributed e-commerce web application system framework for large and medium-sized enterprise, cross-platform, cross-database, and cross-application servers.

OFBiz is not only a product and order management system, it also provides a complete set of functions, covering all aspects of the enterprise. In addition to managing products and related content (such as electronic stores), Apache OFBiz can also play many important roles, includes customer relationship management, project progress, billing management, human resource management, and order management.


4. Compiere

Compiere is a world-renowned open-source ERP (integrated CRM) enterprise application solution for global markets.

Through Compiere, in just a few hours, you can purchase, purchase, invoice, payment, quotation, order, invoice, receipt, product and pricing, asset management, customer relationship, supplier relationship, employee relationship, financial Management, Business Performance Analysis and other powerful functions.


5. weberp

Weberp is a set of ERP and financial management software that supports multi-Company, multi-currency, multi-tax, and multi-inventory management. Permission role management is convenient for employees, customers, and suppliers; order Management supports tracking and management of invoices; sales expense management and powerful sales analysis functions to provide decision-making support for managers; provides comprehensive financial features including general ledger, accounts receivable/payable, etc, it also has a simple and easy-to-operate web interface.


6. erp5

Erp5 is a full-featured CRM system that includes multiple modules, including customer relationship management, production management, supply chain management, product design management, financial management, human resource management, and e-commerce.


7. opentaps

Opentaps is an open-source ERP and CRM enterprise application platform developed based on OFBiz. It contains a complete suite of applications that can be integrated with mobile and commercial applications. It supports Customer Relationship Management, order management, survival and warehousing, purchase and support chain automation, online and selling point storage, account and financial management.

Opentaps supports most mainstream relational data, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.


8. dolibarr

Dolibarr is an open source ERP/CRM software for small and medium-sized enterprises, organizations, or freelancers. It includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as functions that can be applied to other different activities.


9. adempiere

Adempiere is an ERP project led by the open-source community. This project was started in 2006 and is developed by Compiere ERP & CRM. Since Compiere is dominated by companies, despite the open source code, it is required to pay for both language localization and file data. The entire project of adempiere (including the source code and description files) is released in an open manner.


10. postbooks

Postbooks is an open-source ERP software released by xtuple. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Visual clients can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows (based on the qt Component Library) and use PostgreSQL databases, supports internationalization.

Postbooks includes accounting, sales, CRM, purchase, product definition, list, openrpt, and other modules.

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Sharing: Top 10 open-source ERP systems

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