She became a third party

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I have a friend who is very fond of the famous festival, but gave up all of her for a love word, and became a third party for everyone to abandon!

What is love? Why is it so painful? Looking at my girlfriend's pain, my heart hurts, and I don't blame the man who brought her pain. After all, my girlfriend volunteered to pay for it, if the man wants my girlfriend's life, I believe my girlfriend will not hesitate to give it to her.

My girlfriend is the kind of girl who looks pretty strong, however, people who know her know that she is gentle and tender, her poetic style and her super fragile heart-she can't stand the emotional setbacks, even if it's a lover's criticism, it will surprise her !! His girlfriend is a boy. He is naughty, bold, and cute. Of course, the cute girl is also very eye-catching, so she has a "disaster water!

My girlfriend has a boyfriend. I have met him. He is very handsome. I have also seen him, thin and small, like a Southern man, while my girlfriend is tall and thin, you can use the lady in the Book of Songs to describe it (although her character is very cheerful, she will not smile and whisper like a lady ). What do they think about them. But this is the story!

At first, my girlfriend and he were just friends, so they couldn't say a few words every month. A friend quickly became a match with them. Later, she liked him as much as she liked him in the TV series. However, she gave up because of her responsibilities to her boyfriend, her indifferent nature (she had competitors at the time), and the embarrassment of female Chasing male. Later, somehow, the man contacted her again and cheated on my girlfriend's heart with such nonsense as "forever and forever unforgettable". Later, just like in all the TV series, they fell into love (at this time I finally understood-art comes from life). My girlfriend loves each other with gratitude, but what does the other party do to her? I felt very sad. in front of my girlfriend, I kissed me with his girlfriend. If I had been up and slapped him, he 'd been searching for his teeth, his girlfriend was so patient. My God, how long has it been in the republic? Why are there such stubborn women? I really want to slap her to wake her up, but seeing the tears in her face, my heart really hurts. What is that man? He said to his girlfriend with tears: "Next time, let's break up !" Oh, God, I really want to slap him. Even if a man treats her like this, but she has always been reading all about him as a star. "Will he be embarrassed ?", "What should I do if my girlfriend knows what to do?", "How painful will it be if his girlfriend doesn't want her?", look at what kind of girl is there, how can we see that it is the product of the old China-the "sage, wife, and Mother" of "Three Chong and Four Virtues"? It's time to put the brand of rare species on daxing'anling.

Ah, poor child. Today, when I saw her and I burst into tears, I was not angry. Finally, the venting Target is locked on the keyboard.

Then I will say, "Dizzy !"

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