Shear-warp interactive Volume Rendering Algorithm Based on quick classification of octotree

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Visualization of 3D space rule data fields AlgorithmIt can be roughly divided into two types: surface painting, that is, extracting one or more equal value surfaces from the original 3D data. Surface drawing is suitable for 3D reconstruction of the complete and smooth surface of the body data, but does not reflect the overall picture and details of the entire data field. Mobile CubeThe marching cuber-MC Algorithm is a typical example of the Area rendering algorithm.
Another type is volume rendering, which directly generates two-dimensional screen images from the 3D data field. The image produced by this algorithm can include every detail and has the advantages of high image quality and convenience for parallel processing. However, it has a large computing volume and a long computing time. Typical examples of the volume rendering algorithm are Ray-casting and footpring ).
The improvement of the ray projection method and footprint table method is Miscut -- deformation (shear-warp)Algorithm. g. cameron and P. lacroute et al. proposed that the principle is to divide the projection transformation of a three-dimensional data field into two steps: the staggered transformation of a three-dimensional data field and the deformation of a two-dimensional image (warp, in this way, the re-sampling process of 3D space is converted into a two-dimensional plane re-sampling process, which greatly reduces the computational workload. This is currently considered to be the fastest performing Algorithm for volume rendering.

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