Shell basics-Description of parameters in bash Programming

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Introduction to shell-bash programming parameters

When you log on to the system, you have started to use bash, but we can also start bash on the command line:
1. Bash parameter description
The bash command format is:
Bash [parameter] [file name]
The meanings of parameters are as follows:
-C string. If the-c parameter is used, bash reads the command from the string. If there is a variable after the string, it is set
The starting position parameter of $0.
-If-I is used, bash is interactive.
-S if the-s parameter is used, bash reads the command from the standard input (after executing the-c command .) Till Input
-A single-symbol indicates that the parameter has been executed and the subsequent parameters are blocked. All subsequent variables are considered as files.
-If bash is interactive, do not execute the personal initialization file:-/. bashrc. If bash is run as sh, this
The parameter is disabled by default.
-Noprofile: do not execute the system-specific startup file/etc/profile or the personal Startup File.
~ /. Bash_profile ,~ /. Bash_login or ~ /. Profile. By default, bash uses these
As the Startup File.
-Rcfile: if bash is interactive, the file is used as the bash Startup File. Replace ~ /. Bashrc.
-Version: the bash version is displayed at the beginning of bash.
-Quiet does not display the version number and other information. This is the default value.
-Login activates bash, disguised as a logon shell.
-Nobraceexpansion does not execute braces extension.
-Nolineediting does not use the GNU readline library to read commands during interaction. The command line editing function is canceled.
-Posix changes bash behavior to conform to Posix 1003.2 standards.


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