Shell Exercises (iv)

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Exercise 1:Backing Up the database

Requirements: Design a shell script to back up the database, first save a copy of the data on the local server, and then remotely copy a copy, save the week of data locally, Remote Storage for one months

Assume that we know the MySQL root account password, to back up the library is discuz, the local backup directory is/bak/mysql, the remote server IP is, Remote provides a rsync service, the backup address is

After the script is written, it needs to be added to Cron and executed 3 o'clock in the morning every day.

Reference Answer:

#!/bin/bash# date:2018 February 8 path= $PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin/d= ' date + '%y%m%d ' ' passwd= ' Your_mysql_password ' lo_bak_ Dir= "/bak/mysql" re_bak_dir= "" exec 1>/var/log/mysqlbak.log 2>/var/log/ Mysqlbak.logecho "MySQL backup begin at ' date + '%F%T" '. " MYSQLDUMP-UROOT-P$PASSWD discuz > $lo _bak_dir/$d. Sqlrsync-az $lo _bak_dir/$d. sql $re _bak_dir/$d. Sqlecho "MySQL Backup end at ' date + '%F%T '. '

Cron Task schedule:0 3 * * */bin/bash/usr/local/sbin/

Save the week's data locally for one months at a distance:

Use the Find command to implement: find/lo_bak_dir/-type f-name "*.sql"-exec rm-f {} \;

Exercise 2: automatic restart of the PHP-FPM service

Requirements: The server runs the LNMP environment, there are always 502 phenomena in the near future. 502 Status code for website access, 200 normal, 502 error is the most common error status code nginx. Since 502 is only temporary, and as long as a restart of the PHP-FPM service 502 disappears, but does not restart, it will continue for a long time. So it is necessary to write a monitoring script, monitoring the Access log status code, once the occurrence of 502, then automatically restart the PHP-FPM.

We set:
1. Access_log/data/log/access.log
2. Script dead loop, every 10s detection (assuming the number of log bars per 10s clock is about 300)
3. The way to restart PHP-FPM is/etc/init.d/php-fpm restart

Reference Answer:

Shell Exercises (iv)

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