Shell Scripting Exercises

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Shell script exercises 1. Script/root/bin/, which displays the current host system information, including hostname, IPV4 address, operating system version, kernel version, CPU model, memory size, hard disk size.
            #!/bin/bash            # 显示电脑硬件信息            echo "主机名:      $(hostname)"            echo "IPv4地址:    $(ifconfig | head -n2 |tail -n1 |tr -s " " ":"| cut -d":" -f3)"            echo "操作系统版本:$(cat /etc/redhat-release)"            echo "内核版本:    $(uname -r)"            echo "CPU型号:     $(cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep "model name"|uniq -c|cut -d":" -f2)"            echo "内存大小:    $(free -m | head -n2 |tail -n1|tr -s " " ":"|cut -d":" -f2)"            echo "硬盘大小:    $(fdisk -l | grep "GB"|cut -d":" -f2|cut -d"," -f1)"
2. Scripting/root/bin/ for daily/etc/directory backup to/root/etcyyyy-mm-dd
    #!/bin/bash    cp -r /etc/ /root/etc"$(date  +%F)"
3. Write script/root/bin/disk.h, showing the maximum space utilization in the current hard disk partition
        #!/bin/bash        max=$(df |tr -s " " ":"|cut -d ":" -f5|egrep -o "[[:digit:]]*"|sort -nr|head -n1)        echo "当前硬盘分区中空间利用率最大的值为: $max"
4. Script/root/bin/, showing the number of IPV4 addresses and connections for each remote host connecting to this host, sorted by number of connections from large to small
        #!/bin/bash        links=$(netstat -tan| grep "^[t]\|[u]"|tr -s " " ":"|cut -d":" -f6|uniq -c|sort -nr|egrep "\<(([0-9]|[1-9][0-9]|1[0-9][0-9]|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5])\.){3}([0-9]|[1-9][0-9]|1[0-9][0-9]|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5])"|tail -n1)        echo "连接数和IP地址分别为:$links"        exit 0
5. Write script/root/bin/, calculate the sum of the tenth user 20th User ID in the etc/passwd file
    #!/bin/bash    usera=$(cat -n /etc/passwd | head |tail -n1|cut -d":" -f3)    echo "id为10的uid:$usera"    userb=$(cat -n /etc/passwd | head -n20|tail -n1|cut -d":" -f3)    echo "id为20的uid:$userb"    # userall=$usera+$userb    let usera=$usera+$userb    echo "id和为: $usera"    exit 0
6. Write the script/root/bin/, pass two file paths as parameters to the script, calculate the sum of all the blank lines in the two files.
    #!/bin/bash    a=$(cat $1|grep "^[[:space:]]*$"|wc -l)    b=$(cat $2|grep "^[[:space:]]*$"|wc -l)    #let a=$a+$b    let c=$a+$b    echo "$1,$2两个文件的空白行之和为$c"    exit 0
7. Scripting/root/bin/, count the number of sub-directories and files in the/ETC,./VAR,/USR directory
    #!/bin/bash    ef=$(ls /etc/* | grep  ".*[:]$"|wc -l)    ed=$(ls /etc/* | grep -v ".*[:]$"| grep -v "^[[:space:]]*$"|wc -l)    vf=$(ls /var/* | grep  ".*[:]$"|wc -l)    vd=$(ls /var/* | grep -v ".*[:]$"| grep -v "^[[:space:]]*$"|wc -l)    uf=$(ls /usr/* | grep  ".*[:]$"|wc -l)    ud=$(ls /usr/* | grep -v ".*[:]$"| grep -v "^[[:space:]]*$"|wc -l)    echo "/etc目录中一共有$ef个一级子目录,$ed个文件"    echo "/var目录中一共有$vf个一级子目录,$vd个文件"    echo "/usr目录中一共有$uf个一级子目录,$ud个文件"
8. Write a script that generates a script that/root/bin/ when executed such as/root/bin/ test. SH, automatically in/root/ A new file named is created under Bin, which automatically gives execute permission and automatically adds #! and annotation information to the header of the file. Note the following information:
        #!/bin/bash        # ------------------------------------------        # Filename:此处会根据文件名自动更换)        # Revision:    1.0        # Date:        2017-01-22(此处会自动变换为当前日期)        # Author:      Nanyibo        # Email:       [email protected]        # ------------------------------------------        # Copyright:   2017 nanyibo        # License:     GPL
After that, automatically opens with Vim, waiting for the user to start writing the script body
            #!/bin/bash            touch  /root/bin/$1            chmod +x /root/bin/$1            echo "#!/bin/bash                        # ------------------------------------------                        # Filename:    $1(此处会根据文件名自动更换)                        # Revision:    1.0                        # Date:        date +%F(此处会自动变换为当前日期)                        # Author:      xiaoyu                        # Email:       [email protected]                        # ------------------------------------------                        # Copyright:   2018 xiaoyu                        # License:     GPL" > /root/bin/$1            vim /root/bin/$1

For the first time after the homework was finished the night before, I hereby record it. Cheer Up ~

Shell Scripting Exercises

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