Shell Test URL is normal script

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Title: The old boy Education Day-May 3, 2017-Write a script: Create a function that can accept two parameters of the topic requirements

1) The first parameter is a URL, you can download the file, the second parameter is a directory, that is, the location of the download after the save;
2) If the user-given directory does not exist, the user is prompted to create it, or if it is created, the function returns a 51 error value to the calling script;
3) If the given directory exists, then download the file; Download command after the execution of the test file download success or not; If successful, return 0 to the calling script, otherwise, return 52 to the calling script;

Answer: This question involves the function, read reads into the parameter if judgment and so on, the script is not perfect, only as the record

[[email protected] scripts]# cat #!/bin/sh[ -f /etc/init.d/ functions ]&& . /etc/init.d/functions # #加载系统函数库URL =$1  # #传参DIR =$2if  [ $# -ne 2 ];then    #判断传参个数    action  "sh $0"  /bin/false  echo  "Warning:lack parameter"       echo   "Usage: sh $0 web_url dir_path"   exit 1fidownload () {  ## Define functions if [ ! -d  $DIR  ];then  read -p  $DIR  not exist  need create? (y/n) " char  #read读入   if [  $char  = " y " ]   # #if判断   string comparison "" enclosed in double quotes   by = equals sign      then                 #整数比较   No quotes   can be used  -eq      mkdir  $DIR  -p     cd  $DIR      wget   $URL   &>/dev/null       if [ $? -ne 0  ];then       return  "" "    #return   The return value in the function, Similar to exit     fi    else     return  " Wuyi "   fifi}download   $URL   $DIR   # #前面download是函数名; $URL position is the first parameter of the function, is also the first parameter of a script =$1if [ $? -eq 0 ];then       action   "wget  $URL"  /bin/true       else        sleep 1       action  "wget  $URL"  /bin /false       sleep 1       exit  1      fi 

Test results

[[Email protected] scripts]# sh  qqqqqq not  exist need create? (y/n) ywget                                               [failed][[email protected]  scripts]# sh sh                                                [failed]warning:lack parameterusage: sh web_url dir_path[[ email protected] scripts]# sh qiuyuetaoqiuyuetao&Nbsp;not exist need create? (y/n) ywget                                           [  ok  ][[email protected ] scripts]# cat qiuyuetao/index.html <! doctype html><!--status ok-->

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Shell Test URL is normal script

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