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The shell, as a scripting language, is a skill that every Linux administrator must master, sometimes adding some background color to the output in the shell, making the script a little more aesthetically pleasing, and using echo to output a string, by default, the string echo displays is white.

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We can add some color

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So how does it come true? The original script code is given below

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Probably see so many numbers a little bit ignorant, give specific format just fine

"\033[front character color; background color xxxx\033[0m" no later.

The last [0m represents the restoration of the original color, if not added, it would be the effect

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The command prompt and commands are red when you see them.

The specific color there are many people need to remember the color of the code, such as \033[32 on behalf of Green, we search down the test bar.

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Shell Tips--color output

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