Shenzhen-Hong Kong Pass officially approved, pre-layout benefit unit

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Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the SFC jointly announced that the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Tong will be formally opened on December 5. The Szse, which covers about 880 eligible shares (of which about 610 are small and medium-sized), covers about 417 eligible Hong Kong stocks (new 95 small-cap stocks that meet market capitalisation and Shenzhen-Hong Kong-listed AH shares), and the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen interconnection market is further To provide mainland and Hong Kong investors with free cross-border diversification of investment options.

Under the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock Pass, SSE 180 constituent shares of SSE are mainly dominated by large blue-chip stocks, which correspond to the Hang Seng Large index constituent stocks in the SSE 380 composition, which is mainly for medium-sized blue-chip stocks and corresponds to the Hang Seng Composite Small index constituents in Hong Kong securities. This time, the most significant change in the opening of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Tong is to enrich the scope of investment, the expansion of investment to small growth stocks, providing a more diversified choice, while the total limit of the cancellation, to achieve a true sense of interconnection.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Investment index = undervalued value + High dividend Hong Kong stocks

The value of the Hang Seng index is still low, whether it is from the historical valuations of the Hang Seng index or the latest price-to-earnings ratios of the world's stock markets.

On the other hand, the Hang Seng index's P/e level is higher than the A-share level, so it remains attractive to mainland investors in the context of a shortage of asset allocation, especially for institutional investors seeking stable returns, such as insurance funds.

Institutions to increase their holdings in three quarter and four quarter

Hong Kong stock Allocation recommendations, mainly includes four aspects: 1, ah spreads convergence and reasonable valuation of H shares, 2, solid and reasonably valued small-cap stocks, 3, directly benefited from the opening of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong securities Brokers and exchanges, 4, based on the high dividend strategy is driven by other non-Hong Kong stock pass.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Pass officially approved, pre-layout benefit unit

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