Shenzhen which hospital TCM treatment depression Good

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Shenzhen which hospital TCM treatment Depression Good ★☆ "deep Department insomnia Depression Research Institute" ★☆ "qq:51183330☆ Tel: 0755-85008585" ★☆ doctor introduced: depression is the highest suicide rate of the disease. Depression has become the first major disease in the global disease, causing a serious burden on mankind, the suffering caused to patients and their families, the loss of society is not comparable to other diseases. The main cause of this situation is the lack of social awareness of depression, prejudice makes patients reluctant to go to psychiatric clinics.

What is the harm of not treating depression?

Depressed patients because of depressed, pessimistic. It's easy to have suicidal thoughts when you're serious. And, because the patient thought logic is basically normal, the success rate of committing suicide is also higher. Suicide is one of the most dangerous symptoms of depression. According to research, the suicide rate of depression patients is 20 times times higher than the general population. More than half of the social suicides may be depression sufferers. Some unexplained suicides may have been suffering from severe depression, but were not discovered in time. Suicide occurs when the disease develops to a certain degree of severity. So early detection of disease, early treatment, is very important for patients with depression. Don't wait for the patient to have committed suicide, only to think that he may suffer from depression. Of course, not only for their own disadvantage, the surrounding relatives also have a great harm.

First: Pay attention to sleep, diet and exercise

We must not overlook the underlying physiological factors that may lead to depression. If you sleep poorly, have a poor appetite, and leave yourself in a bad physical state, you are prone to depression, because daily activities deplete your energy and will soon crush you. Insomnia is a very common consequence of low emotions, which in turn can make you prone to depression. During episodes of depression, it is difficult to take a direct approach to insomnia because you need to focus on depression. So when you're in a better mood, you should also pay special attention to alcoholic beverages. This is a big problem for people who are prone to depression. Alcohol temporarily escapes you from problems and worries, but the lightness and self-confidence that is stimulated by alcohol is superficial, the problem still lurks beneath the surface, and in the dark, it will eventually erupt, bringing deeper depression, more difficult to deal with than ever before.

Second: Bring joy into your life

Depression often leads to a decline in self-esteem or even abandonment. People who are prone to depression tend to be more kind, considerate, altruistic, but often underestimate themselves, belittle themselves, and refuse to deserve the joy. Even when the mood is normal, they always feel that they are not qualified to enjoy happiness. They don't deserve to be happy, they always put the needs of others in the first place. There are many parents like that. They put the needs of their children much higher than their own needs, without leaving a little time and space for themselves.

Warm hint: the "alpha-stereoscopic brain-awakening Therapy" adopted by the Institute of Deep Insomnia and depression has a significant curative effect on the disease, and its therapeutic advantages lie in repairing genes, improving circulation, enhancing memory, improving immunity, and treating specimens.

Shenzhen which hospital TCM treatment depression Good

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