Shi Ji-Feng Jie-Chuan

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Luo Yufeng, a man from Yujiang, Yudi, and Fengshui town.

It is also a person, the lion nose wide mouth, violent cheek electric mesh, full of Heaven, the Cabinet square, long five feet and Ji Ling nine Xiao.

In the ugly world, Fengjie takes a mirror in the boudoir to enjoy the self-appreciation. She is stunned and feels like a white-faced dog. Shaohua is easy to pass away, while Gu fuhua's Spring brother SIGHS: "My eyes are like Yi, today, huadaiyu and Guangyao are like this! Feng is not talented, nine years old and four books, ten years old, the fine palace of the Law of commerce, eleven well versed in the road of ink, twelve attacking the study of taixi ...... And region. In the past 20 years, the universe is the only one! I have heard of the other giant who carry around three hundred yuan! So that this ......" The study is also the classic story of the world. Shi Dafu thought that the deep secret of "Zhiyin", also Heng Chen, or Wei bian has exclusive, its vast super if!

First, there was a gap between Yan Tang and Feng's father and wife. At that time, Feng Jie was seven years old and his mother was indecisive. In the future, Fengjie is married even more, and Fengjie is still at home. And long. Feng Jie suddenly fell short in his mind, and his studies began to lag. Fear, let it be a little, Feng Jie Big Brother, angry and please quit, then run Shen.

It is a visit to the famous portal, and the wide spread of books, Wutong, shows that it will be expensive, people are all different. Taixi giant jia "Carrefour" thought that odd goods can live, and he was in the curtain.

A young age, Fengjie's spring show up, the heart of the day. At the beginning, Fengjie tried to get a glimpse of his own life.

Feng Jie bought the best A4 paper several times with heavy gold, and was able to find the best in the world. He was careful with his pen, and he made a mate book three days later.

Book said: "a beautiful horse, not seeking beautiful and rich people, living in bad Lane every bad meal can also be abandoned. However, the concubine is pregnant with the wisdom of the world, the ambition of the fortune, the worry of the non-human, the mistake of youth, so the Law is as follows, there are compatible, can be invited under the West compartment:

1. HAN Lin

2. Excellent in the theory of goods

3. Looking at the world, with the heart of the world

4, eight feet long, physically healthy

5. Self-respect of Chen Shimei

6. foothold

7. The young teeth are similar to those of my sister-in-law and serve as public officials. The future is limitless ."

When the book came out, the north and the south shook and the South shook, Li minqishou was stunned and inexplicably rushed to report, and Jinyi huagai was also a great surprise, and the side was connected. The Book of gaifengjie was revealed in the world, and all those who heard it were Chestnut. They wanted to go and turn back to the opposite person. Many of them were speechless and heartbroken.

Zhang Bang has a day, Feng Jie said the viewer said: "the young generation wants to have a wife and I, and the masses are nothing but the ears of people. Those of us like us west Obama and I agree ." Tens of viewers have no servant.

Qing niujiao said: "I have heard of thieves and somoes, and I have also tasted the traces of Spring brother Furong. They all go far to Fengjie! ."

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