Shielding computer using USB device

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1, the U disk inserted into the computer USB jack, and then open the "Control Panel", double-click "Device Manager", in which the "portable device", you can see the U disk. As shown in the following illustration:

2, right click on the U-Disk Select "Properties", click the "Details" tab in the Pop-up Properties window and select "Hardware ID" in the Device "Properties" drop-down box, and the string will appear in the value below, which is the hardware ID of the U disk, which is copied out. As shown in the following illustration:

3, in the Device Manager to expand the universal Serial Bus controller, to find "USB mass storage Device", in its "Properties" window, click the "Details" tab, copy its hardware ID also saved. As shown in the following illustration:

4, click "Start", enter "Gpedit.msc" in the upper box and press ENTER to confirm that you can open the Group Policy window, then expand the "Computer configuration → administrative Templates → system → device installation → device installation Restrictions" and double-click the right "prohibit installation of devices not described by other policy settings." Select Enabled in the pop-up window and click OK to set it to disable USB devices that are not described by the policy. As shown in the following illustration:

At this point, you will find other people's U disk on our computer can not be used normally, the above simple four steps will be able to protect your data security, and quickly try the above steps to screen the computer to use other people's U disk.

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