[Shiji correction] The people can make it, and the people cannot learn what they mean.

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What does this sentence mean? That is to say, the country rules the people and instructs them to drive them away from doing things. Don't let them understand what they are doing. In the present opinion, it is absolutely obvious that the feudal ruling class has been playing tricks for thousands of years. Why do the common people let them know what to do? It is best to be dizzy and cool. I only know that it is not vicious to follow our meaning for a lifetime. It has been regarded as a treasure by China's large and small feudal rulers for thousands of years, how many truths and the creativity of the people have been wiped out, but at the same time, our problem has come. Is this foolish manipulation really the intention of Confucius, an educator who is committed to educating the people?

We know that in the Spring and AutumnArticleThere are no punctuation marks. The later person will go through another "sentence breaking" process to study the articles at that time, that is, you can add punctuation and pause in the appropriate place of the sentence according to the context, so that you can get a sentence that is fluent and coherent. In this article, why is Confucius's article cited by many people? This is of course due to the fame of confucius. Second, it is because his quotations cover a wide range of dimensions, covering almost all aspects of social life, then, no matter who they are or what purpose they hold, they can refer to the relevant part of the article from the Confucius 'Words in an out-of-the-box manner, and then understand and break down their personal preferences, used to prove your opinion. For example, in the previous article, we have been talking about the education of the three things of poetry and joy, but how can we immediately turn into the admonishing of the Emperor's power? It turns out that this is why the later man deliberately used an inappropriate "sentence break" in the middle of the sentence to produce ambiguity. Based on the context of the context, we can easily find the correct clause method of this sentence: "Zi Yue: Let's get down to poetry, let's get down to ritual, and let's get down to joy. People can, let by, and cannot, let know .」 The whole sentence of Confucius is that poetry, ritual, and Happy are the foundation for educating the people. We must do a good job. If the people master the joy of poetry, Well, let them play freely, if the people cannot learn these things, we need to educate them and let them know and understand these things. 」 You see, this is the intention of Mr. Kong, a big educator of "no class. In a good word, it is the foolish Technique of Confucius to fool the people and to obstruct the knowledge of the people, the book, and the knowledge. I really don't know what the SB who misinterpret this story thinks. Who believes it? Are people fooled?

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