Shiny beautiful fireworks beautifully painted flash map animation

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The beautiful flash Picture Animation application scope is very wide, not only may in the album, the dynamic expression use, but also may in the QQ space, the forum signature, various replies and the blog use.

  Learning points: In this example, we mainly learn fireworks to import the splash material, the flash bottom material paste in the image inside the production method.

Let's take a look at the beautiful flash map first.


  Production steps:

1. Use fireworks software to open a beautiful picture, using the "Magic wand tool" in the left "toolbox" to select the white background, so that the white background is all selected.

2. Press the DELETE key on the keyboard, delete the contents of the selection, make this picture background transparent background, press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection.

3. Next in the frames panel, drag frame 1th to the new/Reset Frame button 2 times, as shown in the following illustration, to create 3 frames. (It is generally to see how many frames are on the bottom of the splash material, and then copy several frames).

4. Back to frame 1th, again using the "Magic wand Tool" in the toolbox point picture in the MM hair, select large hair black, and then select the menu "select"-"Convert Marquee to Path" command.

5. Convert the hair selection to a path and then use the same method to convert the clothes and trousers to the path using the magic wand, as shown in the following illustration:


6. Click Frame 1th, then select File-Import (Ctrl+r) from the menu, and choose to import a few splash footage, corresponding to the color of the hair/clothes/trousers.

7. We first make the flashing effect of the hair, click the "Background layer" on the red and black flash before the bottom, hide these two layers. Because the flash bottom used to make the hair is transverse and cannot cover the hair completely, we use the menu "modify"-"transform"-"rotate 90 degrees" to rotate it to cover the hair.

8. Select the Flash Map object for the hair, press ctrl+x cut down, click the path of the hair, select the "Edit"-"Paste in" (ctrl+shift+v) command in the menu, and glue its animation effect to the hair path.

The effect is shown in the following illustration:

9. Use the method just now to fill in the corresponding flash map of the clothing path and the trousers path respectively, as shown in the following figure:


(with this kind of import flash bottom material + paste in the internal production method, can save a considerable amount of work, is an ingenious method yo!) )

10. The picture is finished, now is the most critical preservation work, why is it important to save the job? This is because there are some properties to choose from when saving, and if you save directly, you may not get a dynamic effect that is transparent to the GIF background. The saved method is to select the file-Image Preview command in the menu. In the Image Preview window, select its format as an animated GIF, and then set the lowest transparency of the palette to alpha transparency, and then click the Preview icon to preview the animation effect, and then click Export button to export the GIF image.

To this, the flash map is finished, look at the original and finish the comparison of the results!!


Finally, we'll give you some flash-bottom footage.

The background material is as follows. Friends Click the picture to save it:

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