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Abstract: because the project is very tight and has no time to read books or update blogs for a long time, it is like a debt owed. A long time ago (in May), he told Ron that he wanted to translate the series into Chinese and he had never started. Start with it!

Ron Jeffries is a senior engineerProgramMember. Many of them are senior programmers, but most of them seem too young. He "has been a Systems Developer for more years than most of you have been alive" (he was a system developer older than most people ).

This series (I also watch and flip) describes the detailed process of developing a project by Ron and Chet. There are a lot of discussions on the email list. If possible, I will post the discussion content. But believe me, at least I will finish this series.

Ron Jeffries

Budget, simplicity, TDD, and tracking. Chet and Ron use a project that is a little larger than normal projects to see what happened.


Proposed project

On the email list, dear dialogs sometimes feel that our answers are too impromptu or simplified. For example, they suspect that we use very few mock objects because the problem we are dealing with is too simple. What we want to say is that ourCodeIt is really not complicated, but it is because even a tricky problem, we will write simple code. Undoubtedly, the answer is in it (doubtless the answer is somewhere in .). Last Monday Chet Hendrickson and I discussed an interesting question, which may keep us interested for a long time and write down some ideas.

NormallyArticleIs published in chronological order. Here, as a start, we break this rule to give you a chance. I will explain it later.

Chet spent an hour with me for lunch on Monday. We talked about two things, some of my own problems and software programs in his mind. We shared the hour, because I complained that it was very difficult to stop. However, in any case, the first few articles here were the results of the 15 minutes to an hour. It may be 30 minutes. Time is very important (the time is potentially important .).

The basic idea is to write a program to analyze the shotgun shooting mode. Chet is a target shooter and plays well (a darn good one ), what you need to do is to shoot a page of paper out of 35 yards and then see what the result will tell you about the gun or how your technology works. I think what you want is a very symmetric pattern. The density in the center is higher than that in the surrounding area, and may be concentrated on a certain point above the target.

Our product is a computer-based service. People shoot on paper and hand over the paper to us. We generate computation reports about guns and important metrics of their shooting. We assume that they will get a multi-page report, some of which are sample files, and others are sample files filtered or replaced based on analysis, there is also a beautiful graph display and analysis mode.

The ideas of the story include:

    • Digitize a shooting pattern to identify all holes.
    • Calculate the center of these holes. Display the shooting density of each area of the shooting. the random point center may be able to determine the incorrect cluster.
    • Displaying a cool and obviously expensive color result graph and a gray scale proves that it is worth spending on it.
    • Include pictures of what a probable break wowould look like if hit by shot in each of the various areas. (A central hit destroys the target, edge hits crack it in a couple of pieces, and expert can tell from the break what part of his pattern hit .)

Our main report contains about 9-18 images and small paragraphs, which may be placed in a 3x3 table. We think the report should be in PDF format, although there may also be a web form. Now, we think it should be a mail order service, including a formatted and well-packaged report.

The above lists some ideas we have come up with within half an hour, and we have made some estimates for this project. In the next article, we will talk about what we can do with the corresponding estimation. Here, we will leave you a question to estimate this project and record your assumptions and results. If you want to send it to us, you can. In any case, think about the size of the project and see how much you can estimate.

Generally, when faced with a project, people think that they should have all the story, deeply explore the design and other considerations, and check a lot of nonsense before deciding how big the project is. We totally disagree. We will continue to discuss this topic as the project progresses. Here... your job is: estimate this project.

Please write to us (ronjeffries at ACM Dot org, Chet at hendricksonxp dot com, subject [Ron] simple design. I would like to remind you that even though the project has been around for a long time, you can still write to them if you like .) Tell us your estimation, what else do you need to know. As the series progresses, please write to us to tell us your findings and problems.

Thank you! This will become more and more interesting!

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